How I'm Striving to Not Give My Husband Leftovers {By God's Grace}

You know how people sometimes choose a word for the New Year? It's usually something they want to focus on, study, or incorporate more into their life.

I honestly hadn't thought much about it for 2014 until I read this post by Sarah Mae and figured since the Lord had already laid some groundwork in my life in this area that I'd go for the challenge.

Because, you see, I have realized that my husband often gets the leftovers in my life and I am not okay with that anymore. It's not that I don't love him to pieces, but sometimes after a long day of giving myself mentally, spiritually and physically to four little souls I'm just plain worn out at the end of the day.

And the fact that my husband knows how to dress himself, brush his own teeth, feed himself and really can function just fine in life without me, well, I sometimes just let him take care of himself.

But God didn't intend for me to give my husband my leftover love, energy, kindness and attention. He intended for him to be my first priority right after my devotion to God.

My goal in intentionally ministering to my husband more in 2014 is not to see what I will get in return. Even if I never gave him the attention he deserved, he would still seek to serve and sacrifice for our family because he is an incredible man.

However, the Lord impressed upon me that while I am quick to read books and blogs on child-rearing, health or homeschooling, what about choosing some that would invest in my marriage?

And the great thing is, that if I invest in my marriage, the result will be an investment in our children, too. It's a fantastic plan that God came up with.

My husband truly is my hero and best friend and I know we are not promised tomorrow, so by God's grace I am going to strive to invest more into my husband this year. Yes, I will still be selfish and blow it, but I know that any effort I make towards my husband will be worth it!

With God's help and guidance, I am going to be intentional this year about investing more in the man God chose to be my husband!

If you're looking for some ideas to get you started, maybe read my post about What if This Was Your Last "Today"?

There are some fantastic women out there who write about marriage so I hope you will be encouraged by their blogs as well. Invest in your marriage today!

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Sandy said...

Great post! I love all of your references, as well! said...

Thanks, Sandy!!

Leigh Ann @ Intentional By Grace said...

This is great! It is easy to forget our husbands when they are fully capable of caring for themselves. This has been on my heart lately too. Thanks for sharing! said...

Thanks Leigh Ann! I am trusting the Lord to help me with this because I know it will require daily commitment. :)

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