Did You Know That The Right Kind of Dirt and Salt Are Good For You?

I recently discovered the Redmond Trading Company when I was searching for a safe and effective toothpaste for my cavity-prone son. While talking with a representative from the company, I asked them if I could do a review of their products. I was mostly intrigued by their toothpaste, but I am thrilled with the results that I have seen from using their clay and Sea Salt.

Redmond Clay Facial Mud

I have used the Redmond Clay for numerous purposes for our family over the last two months.

I have troublesome skin and am very pleased with the Redmond Clay Facial Mud. It is very effective in drying up acne and I would say it seems to clear trouble spots up in about half the time of other products. After using it several times a week, I noticed my face seemed much smoother. Redmond Clay Facial Mud is a safe, effective way to remove excess oil, shrink pores, draw out toxins, tone skin, and remove impurities. This product is something I plan to continue to purchase.

Redmond Clay Powder

When reading more about why bentonite clay is so helpful, I was quite amazed at what I learned. I'm not much of a chemist, but I think most people know that opposites attract (at least in the scientific world).

That being said, bentonite has a wide negatively charged surface with thin edges having a positive charge. Interestingly enough, many toxins, heavy metals and free radicals have a positive charge. That means that the wide surfaced negative ions in Redmond Clay are happy to latch on to these positively charged toxins. This creates a bond between the two until the body eliminates the pair together.

Amazing isn't it? We all have toxins, heavy metals and free radicals roaming around inside of us because of the fallen world we live in, but I'm thankful the Lord provided a natural remedy to reduce their affects on our bodies.

How We Used Bentonite Clay In Our Home

Since Redmond Clay is helpful in removing toxins, I sometimes add it to our smoothies (here's a recipe for our Breakfast Ice Cream). It's a great way to make sure we are getting all of the minerals our bodies need as well as giving a little daily detox. (Here is a link to an analysis of all of the minerals found in Redmond Clay.)

I also used Redmond Clay to help treat a wart on my son's finger. I need to be better about using it daily, but when I was consistent, I was surprised to see how quickly the wart seemed to be showings signs of dying. (I won't go into detail in case you're sensitive to that, but I really do need to write a post about warts and the effective ways we have treated them naturally.) We are still dealing with it, but I'm sure if I was more consistent in treatment it would go away faster!

Because of its alkalinity, clay is also helpful for heartburn or reflux. I tend to struggle with dairy so if I sometimes cheat and eat dairy, my stomach will be none too happy with me later on. Mixing some clay in water and drinking it has helped to calm my stomach back down.

Clay is also helpful for burns, insect bites, and irritated skin. There are so many uses for the Redmond Clay Powder and you can read about them here.

Real Salt from Redmond Clay

After receiving our package of Real Salt we began reading up on it and were surprised to discover just how many additives salt (including Sea Salt you buy at the health food store) can have. I never would have dreamed that sugar would be an additive (although it's in everything else it seems so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.) Additionally, many salts contain anti-caking agents. "Others have been heat processed and stripped of their natural trace minerals." source

Real Salt contains salt and beneficial minerals. For example, Real Salt contains Silica which helps calcium do its job and prevent osteoporosis and it can prevent aluminum from contributing to Alzheimers.

Customer testimonials also say that Real Salt does not affect their blood pressure. Real Salt would be a great gift for someone in your life that struggles with blood pressure problems, yet loves the taste of salt.

Not only does Redmond Clay have salts for cooking and seasoning (current flavors are regular, onion, garlic and seasoned) but they also have bath salts.

The bath salts contain salt which helps detox but also minerals to aid in restoring levels in the body. They are also effective in soothing sore muscles, help improve circulation, soften skin and will help you get a good night sleep.

We love to use the seasoned real salt regularly for eggs or popcorn and I am always using either the onion or garlic salt in my cooking.

Honestly, this post just skims the surface when it comes to the benefits of bentonite clay and Real Salt, but I hope it has at least give you some helpful information so that you can start using these products and see the benefits personally.

Here's a helpful video to share some practical uses for Redmond Clay:

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