My Day {Yesterday} in Pictures

My birthday was yesterday and it was a great day for me to reflect on God's faithfulness in my life. Recently I was reading Psalm 71 and verse 5 says, "O Lord, you alone are my hope. I've trusted you, O LORD, from childhood."

What a great verse to sum up my life. God alone is my hope and when I was a child, he reached down into a messy family and brought us one by one to Him.

I first came to learn about Christ as a five year old little girl when I began to attend a Christian school even though we certainly didn't attend church and my dad had no desire to do so. 

It was through those elementary teachers that I began to learn and memorize the Word of God and it was another classmate who first invited me to church.

My mom and I started attending and have never looked back. Eventually, my dad started to come with us and one Sunday morning, with my baby brother sleeping on his shoulder, my dad went forward and repented of his sin and followed Christ.

I can't thank God enough for knowing me and loving me. Yesterday I was reflecting on the truth that He is the God who sees. What a tremendous blessing it is to know that no matter what, God sees and knows what I am going through in this journey of life and He is my Emmanuel-God with us.

I thought I'd share my day in pictures so that I can look back on this post with thankfulness for the blessings God has given me these past 35 years. (And by the way, I don't feel 35. I feel 30!) :)

I woke up to roses and a sweet card from my husband
(Ladies, have your husband always check the clearance section for flowers! You'll get flowers a lot more often this way.) :)

I was invited to a "consert" put on by our three older children.

Complete with tickets to get in to the concert
The concert was so precious and enjoyable (for the most part!). Our oldest wanted to preach me a message (by sharing some devotionals) and he REALLY wanted to sing some songs to me.

Except our 4 year old was getting bored and playing hide and seek under the "stage" which annoyed his older brother. (And personally, I thought looked adorable).

And the sister was getting irritated and ended up crying. Did I mention baby brother wanted to get in on the action and get into their stage props?

I finally decided we needed a break so we ate ice cream for breakfast. Our new tradition!After I put the baby down for a nap, I was able to sit and listen to some lovely music sung by our oldest. Maybe next time they'll all get in on the action and be happy about it. :)

I had to take a picture of my son wearing his belt. Melted my heart. He put it on so he would be dressed up for the concert, (and put hair gel in his hair too) but as you can tell, it's a bit off. So precious. P.S. Our oldest slicked his hair down too and put on a clip-on tie so he'd be dressed up for the concert and our daughter put on some lovely jewelry and her Brave costume. :)

Heart stopper right here. My chuuuuunky baby showing off. :)

Oh baby, did you know you have captured my heart??
The weather was absolutely beautiful for my birthday (that is a rarity these days, it seems!). I enjoyed a walk to the lake with our children, dinner at Outback with our little family (we made it home just in the nick of time for peanut dosing!) and then went for a quick walk when we got home.
Thankful for 35 years of life and that most of those years I have known the Lord.
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Unknown said...

Happy birthday!!! Thank you for sharing it with us and your thoughts on God's faithfulness.

becky@purposefulhomemaking.com said...

Thank you so much Tiffany! :)

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