A Back to School Prayer for all the Mommas

This is for you, Momma, who is sending her baby off to school for the very first time and your heart feels like it's going to break.

This is for you Momma, who works full time but now has to juggle your children's school and sports schedule in addition to your already heavy load.

This is for you Momma, who is a full time homemaker and is sending all of her children off to school and hears the empty bedrooms ringing in her ears.

This is for you Homeschool Momma who feels the weight of educating your children and somehow keeping up with your home.

This is for you Momma who is sending her "baby" into his Senior Year of High School and you wonder if it's really possible that time has gone by so quickly.

This is for all the Brave Mommas, no matter what arena you choose to educate your children in.

May we commit all that we do to the Lord.

May we choose to trust Him in our crazy, insane, sometimes impossible schedules.

May we choose to be still in His presence so that we can hear Him above the roar of life and then wait patiently for Him to act.

May we remember that God takes notice of every detail of our life and that when we stumble, we will not fall because the LORD holds our hand.

Here's to a beautiful and successful school year!


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