Picture Books Perfect for Winter

I love books. Most days I go through the day wondering when I can steal just a few minutes of time to sit down and read one of the several books I have started. (Anyone else read more than one book at a time?)

We are a family of readers and considering how much my husband and I love to read, it's no surprise that our children devour books faster than we do. (Maybe because they have so much more free time on their hands than we do??) 

I love times when I can snuggle up on the couch with our kids to read books together. They love it too and Winter is naturally a perfect season to devote more time to reading with them because the weather generally isn't too favorable outside.

Every time I come across one of our "winter" books, I think I really should take the time to share our favorites with you. So, here's our top 10 favorite winter reads.

How Big is a Million?

Love this book! In How Big is a Million, Pipkin the penguin is on a quest to find out how big a million is. Along the way he finds out how big 10, 100, 1000 and eventually 1 million are and he makes a new friend. This is a great math "living book" and there's a fun pull out poster at the end with literally a million stars on it to show your children how big a million really is!

Katy and the Big Snow

A timeless classic, Katy and the Big Snow will forever be one of my favorite winter reads. Katy, a "beautiful red crawler tractor" is a wonderful example of diligence and serving others. She comes to the rescue of the city of Geoppolis when they get so much snow that everything is shut down.

Stranger in the Woods

Stranger in the Woods is a beautiful, photographed book for children and adults. Done by professional wildlife photographers, this book will be a perfect fit for your young naturalist.   

The Snowy Day

I still remember having The Snowy Day read to me in school as a child. I love the simplicity of this book, but also how it so easily conveys a child's perspective on his new snow-covered world. The young boy enjoys his day so much but sadly realizes he cannot keep his newfound wonder with him.

The Hat

Anything written and illustrated by Jan Brett is going to be a winner in my opinion. I believe each of her stories takes place in a Scandanavian setting and the artwork in each book is mesmerizing. Her stories are sweet, creative and always include an incredible amount of artistic detail. This particular story, The Hat, is about the adventures of some woodland creatures. One curious animal, Hedgie, discovers a knit stocking that fell from the clothesline and ends up getting his quills caught on the it making it look like a hat. At first his friends think he is silly, but by the end, each animal finds another item from the clotheslines so that they, too, can be as clever as Hedgie.

The Mitten

A companion to The Hat, The Mitten is a sweet story about woodland creatures who make a hilarious attempt to make a mitten a new cozy home. Sweet, charming and endearing, this is always a favorite in our home.

Gingerbread Baby

Gingerbread Babyanother Jan Brett favorite,  is what we used this year for our Gingerbread Man Hunt. I like the ending better in this story in that the Gingerbread Man doesn't get eaten, but instead, gets captured in a Gingerbread House. Such a great twist on a classic story.

The Gingerbread Man

If you prefer the original story, The Gingerbread Man is an inexpensive version. It's shorter than Gingerbread Baby which makes it easier for independent reading for newer readers. A book we have read numerous times in the past for our annual Gingerbread Hunts.

Tacky the Penguin

Tacky the Penguin is one of my favorite books because it helps children learn to accept others who are different from them. It also shows that sometimes what we view as an oddity in others can actually turn out to be endearing and helpful in the lives of others. There are several books in a series about Tacky the Penguin.

Bear Snores On

In Bear Snores On, a brown bear snores on in a cave throughout the winter. However, unbeknownst to him, woodland creatures come into his cave seeking warmth from the howling snow. While bear sleeps, they begin to warm themselves by a fire and begin to have a little party. Find out what happens when bear wakes up and sees everyone in his cave. (Don't worry, it's a happy ending.)

I hope you like our suggestions for some cozy, wintertime reading. For more literacy ideas, be sure to check out my Literacy Pinterest Board.

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