A Quick Fix to Getting the Tangles Out of Your Little Girl's Hair

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My daughter has gorgeous red hair that I am completely envious of. We've let it grow for quite some time now because she really wanted long hair. I'm glad I listened to her because I really do love it long.

What I do not love is the tangles that come with having her hair long.

Oh, my. I really do not love that part.

In fact, the other day, it was a total rat's nest because she's not able to comb through it properly by herself and I try to avoid it all costs by just having her pull it back in a ponytail. But the neglect came back to bite me when I finally got around to combing her hair out. (Truth be told, only because we were headed to the salon in two days to get it trimmed and the embarrassment of neglecting it that much would have booted me right out of that salon.)

After a half hour of painfully working through her hair one section at a time and nearly a quarter of a bottle of conditioner (I should have opted for the "no tears" kind because let me tell you, we were both ready to cry a river after that) we were done.

Now I could march my proud little self into that salon and get my baby girl a proper hair cut.

Getting it cut did make a big difference, but what I didn't know about is the "magic brush" the hair stylist was using to brush my daughter's hair.

Even before she cut it, the stylist brushed through her hair after washing it and the difference was so drastic I said it looked like magic. In fact, I happily forked over $12 of cold cash for one of our own. (If I'd been thinking straight I would have quickly Googled the price on Amazon but all I knew was I NEEDED THAT BRUSH.

Every Momma of little girls with long hair needs one of these brushes! It's called a Wet Brush and in my mind, it's revolutionary. Get one. Today. Your daughter will thank you, you will thank you, and everyone else around you who had to listen to you and daughter wail and gnash your teeth during combing episodes will thank you.

You're welcome. :)

P.S. I use it, too, and love it!

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jwhit8791 said...

My salon was also selling those this time we went. I didn't end up picking one up because I just got Olivia a "knot genie" for Christmas but the premise is the same.

Next time I am there, I might just pick up one for myself. LOL ;) said...

Hey Jessica,
I haven't heard of the "knot genie" but hope it works great. I use my daughter's new brush every day now, too. :)

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