Economics for Everybody: Applying Biblical Principles to Work, Wealth and the World {Review}

Our oldest is venturing into Junior High in the fall and while initially I thought it might be a bit daunting to homeschool a child that age, I'm actually finding it quite exciting! I'm a planner by nature so I usually start in January planning for the upcoming school year. That way I have plenty of time to pray for direction, gather ideas, ask questions from other homeschoolers and curriculum companies and pin lots and lots of ideas on Pinterest.

Homeschooling has been such a blessing to our family. We are truly thriving in it and all glory goes to our Heavenly Father for the strength, direction and help that He gives on a daily basis. I'm learning so much right along side our children and I feel as if I'm getting a second chance at childhood. 😊

Although there are plenty of challenges that come along with educating at home, there are tremendous blessings as well. I love the freedom to choose the curriculum that we want to use and that we get to do it on our own time table.
For example, I recently stumbled across this economics course that we will use with our oldest in the fall and it will count towards his high school economics credit.

With this course you can choose the workbook and DVD like we did or you can choose a digital or streaming option. Economics for Everybody covers 12 lessons. It can be used in churches and small groups, with middle and high school students or with families and individuals. The videos are conversational in nature but interesting and entertaining as well. In fact, when I sat down one day to go over the lessons, our four older children all sat down to watch the entire lesson with me. (*Take note, please, that Lessons 2, 7 and 11 do have some scenes that may be upsetting to a younger child. I'd suggest that you preview these ahead of time.)

R. C. Sproul Jr. wrote the study guide and hosted the DVD for this curriculum. He is the father of eight children and I love the approach he takes. The study guide is very thorough and establishes biblical principles for economics right form the start. The study is founded on the Word of God which I found to be very helpful in my own life as I studied the book. The DVD format is conversational as R. C. Sproul teaches. It also includes movie/video excerpts which can be an aid in learning. I love, love, love this curriculum. My suggestion would be that you do not wait until the end of high school for your child to take this course. It would be better, in my opinion, to do it early on so that as your child develops more independence in regards to money and has more earning potential that they have these biblical values already established in their heart and mind.

This curriculum is absolutely fantastic. In fact, I recommend that adults use it as a personal study of economic biblical principles as well. I have no doubt that it will impact any age that chooses to invest their time in a worthy manner such as this.

Facts You Should Know

  • Economics for Everybody is written by R. C. Sproul Jr. and is for ages 14+.
  • You can download two free lessons here if you want to try before you buy.
  • Economics for Everybody is currently on sale!
  • This course is available in several formats: DVD, Download, Streaming
  • It counts as 1/2 high school credit
  • Covers the following:
    • how economic freedom is directly related to religious freedom
    • examines the roles of trade, markets, money, and entrepreneurship
    • explores the differences between socialism, interventionism, and free markets
    • Explains how stewardship is at the heart of a healthy economic system

I'm incredibly grateful to have stumbled across this resource from Compass Classroom. They offer many resources for churches, families and students and even have a Free Resource section so be sure to check that out.


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