How I Healed My Son's Cavities

For the past two years I think the most popular question I have gotten is, "How did you heal your son's cavities?" My husband suggested I finally just put it in the form of a blog post so that it would be easier for people to find. 😏

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Mix the following:

4 T Redmond Bentonite Clay. (We've used their Earthpaste for years).

1 T Calcium Carbonate Powder
1 T ground cinnamon
1 t. ground cloves
Optional ingredient: 1-2 drops of doterra spearmint essential oil for flavoring(not recommended for children). 

I mixed it together and stored it in a mason jar. When we were actively trying to get rid of the cavities my *goal* was to have him use it two times a day but that didn't always happen. My son liked it best when he put it on top of his toothpaste. I preferred that he use it alone but I was just happy to get it on his teeth. Either way though, just brush with the powder by wetting the toothbrush and putting the powder on top or putting the powder on top of the toothpaste. After brushing, swish with water and spit out.

Once the cavities were healed I have continued to remind my children to use it at least once per week as prevention. This recipe has prevented my other cavity prone child from getting any cavities as well. When stored in a glass jar with an airtight lid this tooth powder will last for months. 

About 3-4 months prior to the dentist finding these two cavities, my family started taking whole food, concentrated chewables (for the kids) and capsules (for those of us that can swallow capsules). Other than that and this "recipe", that's all that we did. 

I'm so grateful to the Lord for allowing this to work for my children and if you're dealing with cavities, I hope this helps!

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