Inspirational Ideas to Decorate Your Kitchen

Guest writer, Maggie Baker
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Even though the modern family is often on the go, the kitchen is still one of the more lived-in spaces in many people’s homes. Morning routines are often started in the kitchen and home-cooked meals wrap up the average day. If you are itching for a new kitchen look but don’t have enough time or a big enough budget for a full-blown remodel, here are a few easy ideas for updating and redecorating to give your kitchen a whole new aesthetic. The following kitchen decor tips mix and match well so you can draw from whatever inspires you.

Unique Storage

Storage is a great area to start your sprucing. Whether its floating shelves or vintage baskets there are always wonderfully creative yet functional ways to store or display your kitchen items. You can easily convert already installed cabinets to open shelving by simply removing the doors and adding a fun color or printed wallpaper to the back of the cabinets. Alternatively, if you have a smaller kitchen lacking cabinetry you can bring in unique, freestanding finds to hold certain appliances or other kitchen essentials.

Get Creative With Color

There are so many ways to play with color (or lack thereof) in the kitchen. From bold monochrome to all white and all the patterns in between. Color can be incorporated in almost any aspect of the kitchen it doesn’t have to be an accent wall, but that is a great place to start. Buy bright colored stools or paint the cabinets for smaller splashes of hidden color. If you want to redecorate in the most eco-friendly way, you should always make sure you know what your paints and materials are made of. Using natural colors is important since walls, drawers, cabinets, and countertops can come in contact with food and cooking utensils. You can warm-up the kitchen while still keeping neutral tones by replacing stark whites or blacks with different shades of gray or cream. 

Unique Wall Decor

When you enter a space, naturally things at eye level are taken in first, so one of the most obvious ways to decorate your kitchen is to add to the walls. You can do this by finding or creating your own botanical images or pressed flowers to display on a linen matt hung using bulldog clips. Your grandma’s china cabinet, local flea market, thrift store or estate sale might be the perfect places to find some colorful or eccentric one-off plates to display. You can create typographic wall art using wine corks or craft store lettering. There’s a never-ending list of intriguing items that will add texture and intrigue to space whether it’s mirrors, vintage frames or album covers find something that speaks to your creative side. There is a DIY for every project you could think of, so if you are not sure where to start, look around for inspiration first.

Update Your Appliances

Kitchen appliances can be as beautiful as they are functional. If you have a kitchen bursting with color, dull and dated appliances can throw off the vibe. To avoid mismatching consider updating your appliances. This doesn’t always mean blowing your budget on the fanciest new machinery. You can actually recolor your stainless steel appliances with vinyl, or for a modern or vintage look, a high style range or pastel retro fridge can also serve as a focal point for the kitchen, thereby reducing the amount spent sprucing up the rest of the kitchen. Swapping older appliances for sleek stainless steel might be the perfect finishing touch for your new kitchen, for a warmer feeling try brass or copper finished appliances.

Rearrange the Seating

Not everyone has a lot of kitchen space to work with, so the extent to which you can be creative with seating will depend on your original kitchen architecture. Interior designers suggest built-in bench seating if you want to make a cozy dining nook, especially if you can DIY to save costs. In addition to creating a lounge-like area, you can use the bench as hidden storage for blankets games or table settings. Or choose to add your pop of color by adding or reupholstering island stools.

If you’re ready to ring in the new decade with a fresh new look, getting started with some of these tips can take your kitchen from tired to inspired without breaking the bank.

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