Making Memories

This idea is not original with me and sadly, I don't know what magazine I read it in but this is something I have made steps to getting started.
I want to give each of my children a cookbook filled with recipe cards of recipes that I have made over the years. Some of the recipes I will have made with them. I will include pictures of them helping me with that recipe. I have made each of the kids (except Caleb) they're own apron so it's fun to have that aspect in the pictures as well. I bought recipe books that have the sheets in them (like a photo album) so that I can have the recipe and then a picture of that child helping me in the kitchen. I save the pictures under a file on the computer so that I don't have to go searching all over for pictures of them cooking.
Anyways, this will obviously be a work in progress, but something I hope to give them when they move out someday. (which I try not to think about right now!) :)

Several more posts to come...just trying to get my thoughts together first! One post will be on building the home as newlyweds! :) For now, I have a crying baby I need to rescue from his crib. :)


Dana said...

(in case it posts me under Jim, it's Dana - just so you know!) Oh great! You just had to give me this wonderful idea...just one more album to add to my list!!! :) I'll have to go through my pics and start a folder for this - I'm sure I have a lot already. Great idea! said...

:) You'll be glad you did it.

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