Training our Children

I might have already posted this under my preschool blog, but since this blog is encompassing all things in the home I thought I'd put it on here. I wanted to share an idea of something we've been doing. When Carter began sitting in church with us about a year ago I wanted him to learn the importance of giving to the Lord. However, I didn't want to just hand him some money from my wallet each time the offering plate came around. I wanted him to learn the importance of giving of his own money. So, I had him start doing a couple little chores (dusting the living room and using the dust buster in the kitchen area). I then gave him 5 dimes, a couple envelopes and his bank. One of his dimes was for him to put in the offering at church, 2 were to go into his savings envelope and 2 were for his spending envelope. That way he is learning to save, learning to use his money for spending, and learning to give to the Lord. I want him to learn at a young age to give to the Lord.  The first time he gave of his own money I was so choked up because I knew he had earned that money and was freely giving of it back to the Lord.

Carter also loves to take his dimes with us when we go garage saleing. It's been good for him to see he can't buy everything he sees! He has to see if he has enough money for it. Don't worry, if there's something really cool Mommy sometimes chips in and helps him out! :)


Jaclyn said...

I thought I commented on this! I guess it didn't post. Just wanted to say that this is really sweet and great idea. :)

Becky said...

Thanks! :)

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