Christmas Tree Cake

I can't remember where I found the directions for this cake, but I'm sure you could google it to find it. I've done a Christmas tree cake the last two years for Christmas because we emphasize to our kids that Christmas is about Jesus' birthday. We give gifts to each other to celebrate His birthday. I thought it would be a nice tradition to make a birthday cake in honor of Jesus. (Obviously He can't eat it! The point is that it can be a tool to help the kids shift the focus off themselves and onto the real meaning of the day.) And if I make one this year I might try making a healthier version for the decorations...dried fruit and nuts since I'm trying to help our family eat healthier. :) If you have any cute Christmas ideas, send them my way!


Crazy Mom A said...

Some of our traditions:
Make hot cocoa, get the kids in their jammies, and drive around at night looking for Christmas lights. They love this one!

I plan to make an appointment with my children to bake cookies, a I always intend to do this but never actually come thorough....

I would love to hear other ideas that don't necessarily revolve around food or sugar. :)

I also plan to have all my shopping done by a 12/15 that way I can enjoy the holiday and not be stressed with last minute buying (and overspending).

I hope to have all the wrapping done by 12/20 so I can relax and enjoy as well. said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! I posted a bunch of ideas for a Christmas countdown if you're interested. :)
Great goals! Let me know how they go!

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