Lightening the Load

Trying to find new ways to make ends meet?

Have you considered lightening your load? I'm referring to your load in terms of material possessions as well as bills.

Let's talk about the bills first. Assuming you have done what I talked about in a previous post and have written down your income/expenses, now you can see them in print and evaluate them. Are there any expenses that you really could do without? For example, do you have to have cable? No, probably not. That's a really easy one to eliminate and you'll save yourself a bundle each year without it! If you absolutely have to have cable and can't bring yourself to get rid of it altogether until the future, have you at least considered getting the basic cable package?

How about your phone plan--again, get the basics. Don't forget to shop around and compare prices on these types of items. What else can you remove from the bill pile? It is great to get back to the basics sometimes and by removing some of these options from your life you are able to lighten the load financially as well as stop and see what is really a necessity for life.

The other way to lighten your load is with your material possessions. This may take some time, but go through every room of your house (including your garage) and get rid of stuff you don't need. Then decide if it's stuff you can donate (tax write off), give to a friend (and then see the Lord provide something else for you that you really need!), sell it at a resale shop, craig's list or ebay. It's a really great feeling to get rid of stuff you don't need. It's also great if you can get some extra cash for that stuff and use it for paying down debt, groceries or a true need.

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Maria said...

On the "get rid of cable" suggestion: We switched to a Netflix membership & it has saved us SOOOO much money! It's $15 per month for 2 DVDs at a time & unlimited instant streaming to our computer & Playstation 3. So worth it! We don't miss cable really at all. The only thing we really miss is not being able to watch the newest episodes of tv shows that we like. The entire season will be available to watch on Netflix after it concludes.

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