Sickness and the Sovereignty of God

I definitely had my share of sickness this week...including the dreaded stomach flu that is going around. I definitely feel justified in my phobia of it because

However, in the midst of dealing with this, God's faithfulness has been evidenced to me. He made it possible for my husband to take work off yesterday and my mom to take care of the kids today. And, thankfully the weekend is here.

Although I do not relish laying in bed for 2+ days in agony, I will say it has given me time to pray for people that I ought to pray for more, evaluate my children and my parenting and to pray for wisdom (and pray that God would protect them and my sweet husband from this dreaded virus), to talk to my Lord and to listen to music that reflects the glory of God.

I also enjoyed listening to the sweet voices of my children downstairs today as Grandma cared for them...and prayed for their souls when the bickering would rise it's ugly head.

And, it made me yearn for the day when sickness will be no more. As "good" as this life is, it is nothing compared to that sweet day that I honestly long be in the presence of my Savior.

Don't get me wrong. I don't have a death's a life wish. Life for what it was meant to be. A sinless life surrounded by my brothers and sisters in Christ and God-willing each of my precious family members...and that sweet baby I never got to see face to face.  My oldest shares this same passion and yearns to see Christ face to face. He is five and I pray that that longing will never die in his heart.

How we long to meet the Prince of Peace.

So, although I would not have chosen to be sick this week, God did. His ways are perfect and all He brings into our life is intended to draw us closer to Him.

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