Arctic Unit (Preschool & Kindergarten)

To start out our Arctic Unit I packed a bag with items we might need if we lived there. Gloves, scarves and a flashlight (since parts of the year they are in total darkness with the exception of a few hours each day---glad I don't live there!) to name a few.

During this unit we referred to our globe often, checking out various Arctic regions and the animals that live there. For this unit I made some "Arctic Trading Cards" with facts about various Arctic animals. I printed them on cardstock and then laminated them. You can download them here and here.

We learned a lot of facts about the Arctic and some of the animals that live there, such as Polar Bears, Seals, Walruses and a few others. Mailbox Magazine makes a January Book with a lot of Arctic activities in there. This is what I based most of our unit around. That, and books from the library along with a few other Usborne books I have around the house. 

One of the activities for this unit included going on a Polar Bear hunt. I cut out big polar bear footprints and led them through the house. The kids found a snack at the end of the trail. Last year I actually made a special polar bear treat and we read a book about Polar Bears. This year was a simplified version! :)

Last year we also made our own version of Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle's book entitled, "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?".

Now that we've completed our Arctic Unit we are heading to Antarctica at the South Pole to learn about penguins. Many people think penguins and polar bears live together, but they don't. They're at opposite poles!

As we cover lessons on penguins I'll be sure to share with you what we do. Check back soon!

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