My guest writer is one of my favorite people on earth! Some of my other favorite people are his children…and mine. Hee hee...Yes, I’d like to introduce my husband, Adam as my guest writer today!

He is the “Pancake Man” in our house and I asked him to share what he does for pancakes around here. It’s usually a Saturday morning tradition around here. :)

Here’s what he writes:

I consider myself more of a baker than a cook. I'm more often found in the kitchen making cookies and cakes, than a main course type of a dish. (I leave that to my wife.) :)

This particular tradition started with my younger brother. We would go jogging or bike riding on Saturday mornings and afterwards he would come over for breakfast with our family. I would prepare anything he brought - -usually eggs and bacon. In addition, I also made pancakes, coffee and baked oatmeal on occasion. Once my brother went off to college, my family and I continued our Saturday morning breakfasts. My mom found airplane and truck molds that I sometimes use to shape the kids' pancakes – although I’ve found it easier to just shape cooked pancakes rather than pouring the batter into the molds.

Pancake Molds

I initially made pancakes using Bisquick, although I always thought the batter was too thick and the pancakes tended to be thicker. Later on I discovered the just-add-water pancake mix which, I thought, produced a better pancake. At some point, we ran out of pancake mix, so I used the recipe from the Better Homes & Garden cookbook.

Not only were they easy to make, but the pancakes tasted much better than the mixes. Since I know what ingredients go into them, I can modify the recipes if I need to exclude something (like dairy). I've made them using almond milk and I currently use kefir instead of milk.

Here's Daddy's wild-haired helper! :)
The finished product...Blueberry Pancakes
 (from Blueberries we picked ourselves last August!)
Of course, I wasn't content to have plain pancakes, so I've added lots of things to the batter. Here's a list of the flavored pancakes I've tried before:

Apple Cinnamon
Apple Cinnamon Walnut
Banana Peanut Butter
Butterscotch Vanilla
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip/Peanut Butter Chip
Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter
Carob Chip (dairy free)
Cinnamon Pecan
Cinnamon Vanilla
Cinnamon Vanilla Honey
Cinnamon Vanilla Pecan
Cinnamon Vanilla Walnut
Craisin (dried cranberries)
Oatmeal – I used a recipe from Quaker Oats for these
Pumpkin Eggnog

If I ever need a new idea for a flavor, I go to the Country Pancake House website.  This restaurant is located in New Jersey and has over 100 varieties of pancakes/oven pancakes on the menu.

Making pancakes on Saturdays is something I've done long enough now that, to a certain degree, the kids look forward to it each Saturday morning.

So, are you inspired to make some of your own homemade pancakes now?!? I can tell you, they are yummy and our kids love Daddy's pancakes. I love that it’s a morning off for mom too! :)



ok, your house is officially the funnest :) i'm going to try that pancake recipe. i love those cutters, too - that's a great idea to just cut them after instead of trying to pour the batter in them...adam could definitely teach andy a thing or two in the kitchen :)

becky@purposefulhomemaking.com said...

hee hee! Thanks! :)
well, andy could teach adam a thing or two with the woodworking! Too bad we didn't live closer!! :) I'll go your way. I know you won't wanna come mine with this weather!!! :)


that would be so fun if we lived closer! and yeah, i think i'd take a cali spring over a michigan one, LOL :)

becky@purposefulhomemaking.com said...


for sure! hope you're hanging in there. so sorry about all the pox and such. :(

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