Craft of the Day: How to Make a Flower Clip

A few months back, my sister-in-law showed me how to make flower clips (yeah for her!). I'm so glad she did because it is a fun, easy, practical craft (those kind are right up my alley!)

You don't need many supplies and of course, I found most of my supplies at garage sales (thank you, Lord!) although you can find them easily at Joann's, Michael's or Amazon.

The first thing you do is take your grosgrain ribbon and (leaving it on the roll) insert it into the metal clip.

Then you add some tacky glue down the top center of the clip.

Fold the ribbon over the top of the clip...

until it just covers the top of the back of the clip. Then snip the ribbon. Add a dot of tacky glue and press the ribbon down holding it for a few seconds to secure it.

To get your flower ready, pull it off your flower bunch,

separate each of the layers (including the center and back of the flower). (You will also want to cut that little green stem flush with the back of the petal so it will lay flat on the clip).

Then add a little tacky glue around the center of each part and reassemble your flower.

Let it dry for a minute and then hot glue the clip to the back of the flower.

Have the clip and flower ready to go because the hot glue will dry quickly and you need to immediately press them together (hopefully without burning yourself!)

Let them finish drying for a bit before it is worn.

Soon you will have a bunch of beautiful clips for your daughter, niece or for presents for a little girl. I've also seen these clipped onto bags or purses for embellishment.

I like the flower look of these clips, but if you want more "bling" for your clip, feel free to take the center out and add some type of sequin, button or whatever else you like. The ideas are limitless!

You'll definitely save yourself some money because these clips easily sell for $5/piece. And who knows, maybe you'll have a side business out of it as well! :) Have fun!

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