June Meal Plan {a little late!!!}

Sorry! Meal Planning has gone to the way side the last couple of weeks due to various constraints (budget and time!) so I've been kind of winging it lately. Plus, now that our son has a nut allergy I've had to revamp some of my recipes around here.

The last couple of months I have steared away from vegetable or canola oil because neither of those are healthy options. I was using Grapeseed oil for my higher heat cooking, but the bottle I have "may" have peanut oil in it according to the label so I can't take a chance with it. I did pick up a small bottle of Organic Canola oil (which should not have GMO's in it). I also use a lot of olive oil or butter (both of which are excellent healthy choices).

Anyways, these are the meals I have planned for what's left of June. If you need recipes, please let me know and I'd be happy to include them in the post.

(I'm not including in this list the meals I have for our family vacation in a couple of days because they will consist of lunch meat and tuna fish and other "travel friendly" type foods).

So Happy Together Sundays:
Fusilli Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes

Mexican Mondays:
Crispy Bean & Cheese Burritos (meatless)
Dessert: Strawberry Soup!! (because I hope to go strawberry picking this coming Monday!)
South of the Border Foil Feast

Tried and True Tuesdays:
Summer Vegetable and Chicken Hash
Pasta and Pea Salad

Thought Out Thursdays:
Claire's Mixed Green Salad
Golden Summer Squash and Corn Soup
Red Cabbage Salad with Chicken

Freedom Fridays:
Orzo and corn salad, grilled corn and potatoes deluxe

Simple Saturdays:
L: Ramen Noodle Salad
D: Citrus Salad with bacon and red onion

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