Potty Training Tips for Traveling

I should have included this post during my Bye-Bye Diaper event, but I didn't think about it until....I started planning for our own family vacation that is coming up in just a few short days.

I thought I'd share a few tips for traveling with your potty trainer and if you have any tips to share as well, please do so in the comment section. I'd love to hear them (especially before I leave bright and early Friday morning!) :)

First of all, we of course bring the potty seat with us. That way we can pull over on the side of a non-busy road if need be. Plus, even if there is an out house there is no way my little ones are going to cooperate by going in one of those nasty things. I could barely get my poor 5 year old to go in one last year without gagging and crying. Thankfully if we were in the middle of nowhere he could take care of business in the woods. :) Not so easy for my daughter (3 1/2) so I'm sure she'll be resorting to the potty seat this year as well.

The first year I did a road trip with a potty trainer, I think my husband thought I was a little weird, but trust me, he was glad I did what I did! I brought a bucket (with a lid) of water with us (or an empty milk jug). That way, if we had to make a stop, I could quickly rinse the potty seat out with some water.

I also make sure I bring a roll of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, flushable wipes (not that I'll be flushing them alongside the road, but it helps make wiping eaiser if need be. Sorry if t.m.i!), Lysol or a spray bottle with vinegar in it, and plastic grocery bags to dispose of any "wiping products." I then tie up the bag and and stick it in the very back of the vehicle just in case it might have an odor (although what can be dumped, is dumped. I just don't want to litter with the paper products.) Ok is this a gross post or what? I'm just keeping it real I guess!

Since my current potty trainer is so young (20 mths) I'll just keep him in diapers while we're traveling, but in the past I've used pull-ups for older children. And while we're at the hotel I'll of course have him in his Super Skivvies or Envibum. :) I do hope that we can stay on track with our diaper training since our schedule will be so altered, but I'm not worried about it.

That's my plan of action for our 9 hour road trip on Friday. Hopefully we'll have a trouble-free trip! :)

Don't forget to share your "potty training while traveling" tips in the comments section!  Maybe some of you have flown with potty trainers and have some tips that you could share.

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