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If your family loves to play games, you might just want to check this new one out! My family and I had a chance to try out this revised trivia game from Northstar Games called Wits and Wagers Family. It is the family version of the original Wits and Wagers (which basically means it's been simplified a bit to be more family friendly.)

The idea behind this fun 3-10 player game is one person reads a question out loud to everyone and then each player writes down a guess to what they think the answer might be. (The answer is always a number so it's very easy for even little ones to play). The players then put their Meeples (little wooden pieces shaped like a person) on the answer that sounds best. Points are given if you are the closest to the correct answer without going over and whoever put their Meeples on that answer also gets points.

Our family really enjoyed this game. Our son said, "I LOVE this game! I can't wait until we can play it again" and my 4 year old daughter actually won the game so she was pretty pleased with it as well. :) And...a game like this is great for me since I am NOT good at trivia and usually feel pretty incompetent when it comes to playing games like Trivial Pursuit. I usually end up not participating much (mostly because I don't have much to contribute!) and just listen to all the brainiacs give their answers. A game like this is fun for everyone though! 

The only suggestion I would make is to put erasers on the end of the dry erase markers that come with the game. That would make it easier than having to grab a tissue or napkin each time to erase our guess. Other than that, this game is a winner in my book!

This game is geared towards ages 8+ (although my 4 and 6 year olds did fine!) and retails for $15.23 on Amazon.

If you want to see what my other TOS crew members think about this game, click here.

**Disclaimer: I was given Wits and Wagers Family to keep in exchange for a candid review.
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