Hosting a Book Exchange

Our church does monthly Nights Out for Mom and our first one of the year was a book exchange held at my friend Dana's house. It is such a great idea that I thought I'd share it with my readers in case any of you would like to host one as well.

Here's the invitation my friend Jackie made. She got the idea from this blog. Isn't it great? I love it!

With the invitation, she included this library card for the book owner to fill out. This way, the one borrowing the book has an idea of what it's about.

It's pretty simple, but the way ithe exchange worked was, everyone that wanted to, brought a wrapped book with their library card tucked inside. We took turns choosing and unwrapping a book. After the one borrowing the book is done, you simply return it to the owner.

Oops...I forgot to fill this little card out (below) but it was the "check-out" card for the owner to put their name on and when it was borrowed. The card holder could easily be glued into the inside of your book. Plus, it's neat because if we keep doing this we can see who all has read the book.

I was excited about the book I got, Love and Respect, because my friend Anna had recommended the book to me already and I just hadn't gotten around to looking into it. But, now that I get to borrow it from the Book Exchange, I'm all set! I just might do a review on it in the next month or so too to let you know what I thought about it.

Of course the evening wouldn't be complete without food. We had yummy soup for the main course. Several of the girls brought something to contribute.

Notice the pumpkins with pages decoupaged on them? :)

Thanks, Dana for hosting. Had fun with all you girls and looking forward to the next one! It was a nice relaxing evening and I'm looking forward to the next one. Wanna come? :)

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