K5 Learning Program Review

What It Is
If you're looking for an on-line learning program geared towards ages 5-10, then you might be interested in K5 Learning. K5 learning is not intended to be a full spectrum curriculum, but rather a supplement whether for children after school or as an aid in homeschooling.  
As you know, we love in our house, but it is geared towards ages 2-6. K5Learning might be a good transition for your child when they are ready to move to a more advanced program.

This on-line learning program covers reading and math, spelling (with the option of adding your child's own spelling words) and math facts (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication--all at various levels depending on where your child places.). Check out this video for a brief tour of the program:

"When kids start K5 [Learning], their reading and math lessons are cued at their grade level. Once kids are used to the system, [it is] recommended that they complete [the] free online placement assessments in reading and math.

The idea is to gauge skill levels in different areas (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, site words, comprehension, numbers/operations, geometry and measurement) and cue the lessons at an appropriate starting point in each.  To do an assessment, or to change levels before or after the assessment, just submit the request form from the Parent Dashboard." source

These assessments are intended to give a general idea of where your child should be placed on this learning program. It is not extensive testing and also should not be used for grade placement in school.

Lesson Selection
A nice feature about this program is their automatic lesson selection which allows parents to have ease of mind knowing that more challenging lessons will continue to be presented once previous lessons have been mastered without the parent having to choose the actual lesson.

Something else to keep in mind is that there are no outside ads for your child to click on. I felt comfortable leaving the room with my child using the program because of this. We've used a program in the past that had "minimal ads", but honestly, I didn't feel very comfortable having any ads on there whether they were family friendly or not.

Things to Consider
Your child will need to be able to read to use the program or will need assistance.  A personal preference would be to see some cuter characters than what are currently on the program. 

I found this company to be great to work with! Be sure to check out their blog. I think you will find it helpful. You can find it at:

If you think you want to give this program a try, go to their site or their Facebook Page and sign up for their 14-Day Trial Period. After that you can pay $25 monthly for one child and $15 for each additional child if the program suits your needs. I hope it does!

*Disclosure: We were given a 6 week trial of this program in exchange for a candid review.

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