Healthy Homemaking Review and Giveaway

A 52 Week Journey of Baby Steps to Help You Move Towards More Natural, Nutritious and Sustainable Living

Healthy Homemaking: One Step at a Time

Stephanie Langford from Keeper of the Home, is another like-minded Momma who has been on the "natural" path for several years now and shares her stories and tips on what she's done with her own family. 

She has written several ebooks and Healthy Homemaking is one of them that I reviewed prior to working on our Green Resources Blog Hop. I knew it would be a perfect fit for this event!

I love that this book is set up in a 52-week format. This allows you to take those baby steps towards making changes around your home without becoming overwhelmed.

I also like that if you order the e-version you can click on the many links that Stephanie has provided for further information on each topic.

As Stephanie states, "If this book isn't flexible and the suggestions sensible and easy to use, chances are you just won't use it. It's as simple as that. Being a busy wife, mom and homemaker, I know that any sort of how-to book I read has got to be extremely practical (as opposed to purely theoretical), not to mention adaptable to my lifestyle and schedule, if I'm going to really jump in and make good use of it."

Stephanie has made Healthy Homemaking "just that sort of book, with plenty of different options to help you get started at your own pace and in a way that will most suit where you are at along the road to more natural living."

Who is this book for? It's for you if...
  • You really want to move towards a healthier lifestyle, but you don't know where to start.
  • You've done a lot of reading and researching on healthy living, but feel paralyzed by all the changes that need to be made.
  • You've started to make some positive changes in your life, but you know there are more changes to come, and you want a simple way to keep working on them one by one.
  • You have a vague idea that eating healthier and living in a simpler, sustainable and more natural way might be a good thing, and you just want some ideas about what that looks like.
  • You're not sure that you're committed to the whole 52 weeks concept, but you love the idea of bite-sized chunks that you can just work on one at a time, without feeling pressured or overwhelmed.
  • You're a busy homemaker and you know you need to make changes for yourself and your family, but you just don't have time to do the research and you want someone else to do it for you and coach you on what to do! source
This book is truly a great resource!

One blessed reader has the opportunity to win an e-version of Healthy Homemaking. Fill out the rafflecopter form to enter!
Also, be sure to check out Stephanie's other book, Real Food on a Real Budget and come back February 2nd for a giveaway for her newest book, plan it don't panic which focuses on meal planning. 

**Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links (so thank you if you do purchase Stephanie's books through my links. I appreciate it!) However, everything I've said is my accurate assessment of it. If I didn't like her books, they wouldn't be on my Book List to re-read. :) Purposeful Homemaking will not be held responsible for prizes not uflfilled by the sponsors. I have represented my sponsors wtih the expectation that they will fulfill their prizes and in a timely manner. The sponsors are shipping their items to you directly. They will not be shipped from Purposeful Homemaking.


GraceYves said...

I own this book, and I just want to let everyone who may be wondering know that it is FANTASTIC! I even went through it in a series on my blog. Check it out for sure.

Melissa said...

The rafflecopter link is not working. said...

Melissa, for all or just this one?

Thanks for sharing, The Wife Life! said...

It's working now, Melissa. Thanks for letting me know!!

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