Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs
Mountain Rose Herbs has a great reputation for supplying only the finest organic herbs, oils and more at reasonable prices. Their high standards are outstanding and apply to everything from what they pay their employees to the products that they sell.

One of the products I like from Mountain Rose Herbs is their Essential Oils. They sell a large variety of Essential Oils which I am trying to incorporate more and more into our home.
In fact, in the next couple of months, my friend Karen will be sharing her tips on how to incorporate Essential Oils into your home. I'm really looking forward to what she shares with us.

In the meantime, I think you might find this link helpful if you're wanting to learn about EO's.

Mountain Rose Herbs is a great resource if you're looking to start using Essential Oils, or if you've been using them but are looking to increase your collection.
Quality Guaranteed
Mountain Rose Herbs guarantees their customers "the absolute best in quality organic herbal products at very competitive prices. Unlike traditional suppliers of herbal products who keep their merchandise stored in warehouses for several years, Mountain Rose Herbs will never sell or stock products that are more than a few months from harvest (except for seasonal items)". source

They do not carry any conventionally grown materials. They are committed to high quality, organic items and will never stock a non-organic item if an organic one is available. "Nor will they offer their customers material which has been conventionally grown using synthetic substances." source
"In the event that certified organic material is not available, [they] opt for material which was cultivated without chemicals or harvested in the wild, thus liberating [themselves] from commercial farming dependencies." Additionally, they meticulously analyze products in the lab for both chemical and pesticide residues.

As you can see, they are committed to excellence.

What is Available from Mountain Rose Herbs?
They carry bulk organic herbs and spices, teas and tea supplies, aromatherapy and essential oils, bulk ingredients (such as carrier oils, butters and more), bath and body care, natural health, home and garden and containers and packaging (glass jars, bottles, etc.)

I know of several other respected bloggers such as Stephanie from Keeper of the Home and Lindsay from Passionate Homemaking who have used Mountain Rose Herbs as a resource for longer than I have and they have always had good things to say.

In addition to those sites, I'm a big fan of Vintage Remedies and they use Mountain Rose Herbs as a resource, as well as offer a discount to their site when you sign up for one of their wellness classes.

What I Reviewed
I had the privilege to review the Lemon Essential Oil and the Moon Moods Aroma Spray from Mountain Rose Herbs.

I like the Lemon Essential Oil for an option in my disinfecting spray in the kitchen. It has such a nice refreshing scent. Lemon Essential Oil is very beneficial. It is antibacterial, antidepressant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic and more. (Please use proper precaution when using Essential Oils. They are very concentrated and must be used with care!)

The second item I reviewed was the Moon Moods Aroma Spray. It is intended for use during moon menstrual cycles (of which I know nothing about.) :) However, this aroma spray can be used at any time to alleviate emotional and frustrating moments associated with, ahem, female cycles.

It can also be used daily to help lift ones' spirits a bit. I chose to review this product because I struggle during the winter with the darkness and being indoors a lot. (My husband says I'm solar powered...I tend to agree). :)

Unfortunately, I've had a really awful time the last several months around my cycle. I thought having something like this would be a nice "pick me up" during those times and I honestly did find it to have a calming affect. (When I find myself dealing with unusual anxiety, that I know is hormone related, I have to stay in the Word of God even more so. It is such a comfort and encouragement to me during those especially trying times.)

However, I also know that God has given us an abundance of resources in His Creation to help us, and I'm all for that! I definitely give a thumbs up for the Moon Moods Aroma Spray.

The Moon Moods Aroma Spray can be used daily as a body mist or room spray and contains Organic Lavender flower water, Witch Hazel extract and essential oils of Chamomile, Marjoram, organic Cypress and organic Rose Geranium.


Mountain Rose Herbs always has Monthly Specials so swing by today!
Disclosure: I was given product to keep from Mountain Rose Herbs in exchange for a candid review. Purposeful Homemaking will not be held responsible for prizes not fulfilled by the sponsors. I have represented my sponsors wtih the expectation that they will fulfill their prizes and in a timely manner. The sponsors are shipping their items to you directly. They will not be shipped from Purposeful Homemaking. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

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