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NaturOli is an on-line resource for natural options for cleaning your home. They also offer personal body care options as well. They specialize in soap nuts.

What are Soap Nuts

"Soap nuts are the dried shells (or husks) from the soapberry (or soap berry nut). These berries are the fruit from a quite unique tree species. These shells contain a substance called saponin that produces a soaping effect. Saponin is a 100% natural alternative to chemical laundry detergent and cleansers." source

As you may know, I prefer more natural options for washing and softening our clothes. "Most laundry detergents on the shelves of our supermarkets contain numerous chemical substances, synthetic dyes, fragrances and fillers. These chemical substances are effective in deeply penetrating our clothes - cleaning, sanitizing and scenting them. However, these same chemicals build up in our clothes and linens and transfer to our skin leading to short term and/or long term skin troubles for some individuals." source Now you know Soap Nuts are another option!

What I Reviewed

I reviewed samples of soap nuts, Extreme 18x liquid concentrate and soap nut powder. This was my first time using any of these products.

I used all three options for my laundry, but liked the Extreme 18x the best. This is mostly a personal preference because the soap nuts can only be used 5-7 times per batch and I don't want to keep track of how many times I've used them.

Plus, I'm the type of person that likes to know the exact details on things and not knowing if they would continue cleaning for sure after 5 times made me prefer something a little more predictable.

The soap nut powder is a more reliable option just like the 18x, but I just didn't care for the smell of them out of the bag.

I only received sample sizes of each of these items so before I knew it, I'd used up the 18x without trying it out for other uses (oops!). Naturoli recommends many uses for the 18x (like washing windows, etc.) So keep in mind that soap nuts and the 18x concentrate can be used beyond the laundry room.

How to Use Soap Nuts

The easiest and most most common method of washing laundry with soap nuts is by using the raw nuts in a drawstring bag, and simply tossing the bag in with your laundry before filling your machine up with clothes.

Then, simply remove them from the washer at end of the wash to dry (leave soap nuts in bag). (It's okay if you forget and they head into the dryer!)

Other Uses for Soap Nuts

Soap nuts offer a chemical free cleaning solution. According to Naturoli, there are many uses for soap nuts. Uses include Household Cleaning (sinks, counters, floors, etc.), Windows and Glass (extreme 18x), Steam Cleaning Carpets, Jewelry, Pets and Shampoo. (For directions on how to use soap nuts in these various ways, click here.)

You can use the liquid form of Soap Nuts in your dishwasher. Also, a tip from a reader was to use vinegar in the rinse cycle rather than Jet-Dry. NaturOli backs this tip up by recommending you add a half-ounce of vinegar to the rinse dispenser. I love learning little tips like this! This is definitely an easy one to start putting into practice.


I always like a good deal, so stop by their clearance section when you get a chance! If you have any questions, feel free to contact them here. A big thank you to NaturOli for their participation in the Green Resolutions Blog Hop!


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Disclosure: I was given product to keep from Naturoli in exchange for a candid review. Purposeful Homemaking will not be held responsible for prizes not uflfilled by the sponsors. I have represented my sponsors wtih the expectation that they will fulfill their prizes and in a timely manner. The sponsors are shipping their items to you directly. They will not be shipped from Purposeful Homemaking.

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