Use Your Laundry to Pray for Your Family

We have six people in our house, so guess what? I have a TON of laundry to do each week. Well, not as much as the Duggars, but still, quite a bit!

And as a busy Momma, I need to make the best use of my time (that is a discipline I am trying to improve). So, as I was folding laundry one afternoon I was struck with the idea that, when I'm folding laundry, it's such a great time to pray for my family!

I prayed for each family member as I folded their particular item of clothing, using unique things about that item to prompt me in prayer. Here are a few ideas from our clothes to get you started:

  • My son's fireman pajamas-that he would be quick to help others
  • My husband's socks-that his feet would lead him only to places that please the Father
  • My oldest son's pajamas that are much too short for him-that he would continue to grow in grace and the knowledge of his Lord and Savior
  • My daughter's piggy bank pajamas-that she would be wise with her money and generous towards others
  • My socks-that my feet would be quick to serve
  • My little son's football shirt-that he would be a defender of the Gospel
  • My little one's favorite socks-that his enthusiasm for life would be contagious
  • My husband's work pants-that God would bless him at work
  • My youngest son's pajamas that were hand-me-downs from his big brother-a reflection of God's faithfulness and a prayer for him that God would continue to prolong his days
  • My oldest son's Tiger mascot shirt-that God would help him to be bold as a lion for the sake of the Gospel
  • My husband's old shirt-a thanks to God for blessing me these past 10 years with such a wonderful husband
  • My oldest son's camo shirt-that he would not be tempted to blend in with the world, but would boldly follow Christ

As you can see, the variety is endless depending on what your hands happen to be folding at the time! I know it can't always happen like this--laundry folded and souls prayed for--but those times when it is quiet and I'm folding laundry, I hope I'll seize those moments to intercede for those I love so dearly. Who knows what great things will be accomplished in such small moments?

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Blogging to Bless said...

This is such an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing! said...

The Lord brought it to my mind. :) You're welcome!

Abby said...

I love this! I was also reminded to pray while folding laundry the other day, but it was missions-based. I learned this at a missions conference a few years ago: As you fold or put on a piece of clothing, pray for the country in which that piece was made and pray for the person who made it. said...

That's a neat idea too, Abby. I'd never thought of that one. :) Thanks for sharing!

Carrie said...


LOVE this and THANK you for the practical examples of things to pray for! GREAT IDEA!
C~ said...

Thanks, Carrie!! :)

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