Choosing Safer Sleep Options for Your Family: A White Lotus Organic Bedding Company Review

Why Choose Organic Bedding?

Switching to organic sleep products for our family is something we are in the process of doing. After learning about all of the chemicals that are in mattresses, pillows and even sheets it became apparent to me that this would be an area of our home that should be switched over to organic.

Our family has taken a slow, calm, non-reactive approach to making healthier changes in our home. Whether it be the food we eat, the deodorant we wear, the toothpaste we use or the sheets we sleep on, we do the best we can to make changes when possible, but not stress about the changes we are not able to make.

An area of our home that I am looking to improve upon is our bedrooms. Specifically the pillows, mattresses and sheets we use. I know that realistically I will not be able to replace all of these products at one time, if ever, but the more changes that I can make, the better.

Did you know that many cotton sheets are treated with formaldehyde to produce less wrinkles? Ick. Really? I'll take the chemical free wrinkles over formaldehyde any day thank you very much.

"Formaldehyde is a cancer-causing chemical that, unfortunately, is found in many common household items like furniture, particle board (which is actually used in the construction of your house), paints, and carpet. It would be hard to completely avoid exposure to formaldehyde, but about 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping, so by avoiding breathing formaldehyde fumes while you sleep...[you] could greatly reduce your overall exposure." source  
Thankfully there are resources such as White Lotus Home, an organic bedding company based out of New Jersey for chemical free options for you and your family.

White Lotus Home carries products for children such as 100% Organic Wool Hand Made Puddle Pads, toddler mattresses and even cribs. They also carry items for adults whether it be bedding, pillows, mattresses and more. All of their softgoods are handcrafted in the USA. Check out this great video:

If you know you need to make some changes, I think a realistic place to start is with the type of pillows your family sleeps on. When you stop and think about how many hours a day your face is nestled in your pillow, you might want to make sure that what your cuddling up with is beneficial to your health or at least not detrimental.

Pillows are something that need to be replaced every so often anyways and up until now I have been purchasing the $5 pillows from Walmart (which my husband really didn't care for anyways because they weren't thick enough for him.)

I hate to think about all those chemicals we've been breathing in over all these years. What's done is done, but there's no time like the present to start making changes!

We reviewed the Standard Kapok Medium organic pillow from White Lotus. It is filled with 100% percent organic kapok and is handmade. "Kapok is a natural alternative to conventional pillow stuffing. Harvested in the rain forest, kapok is soft to the touch like down, yet provides support in a way not even synthetic materials can match." source  

Originally I was the one using the pillow, however, I'm a smaller build and it was a little too thick for me. Because of it's thickness I couldn't get comfortable on it because my head and neck were raised up a bit too much. I passed the pillow on to my husband and it works great for him! He especially likes how firm it is.

That being said, because everyone is different, White Lotus will custom make a pillow for you. Email them at to get one that's just right for you.

White Lotus also offers free Shipping in the U.S. Feel free to contact them by phone at 732.828.2111 or by email at

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Sarah @ Made in USA Challenge said...

You have me at "made in USA"! These products sounds so lovely. You are so right that buying cheap imported products is not so cheap when you consider the cost to constantly replace items that have become disposable. Investing in a high-quality, handmade in USA product is a better investment for you and for our economy. said...

Sarah, I am super impressed with this company!!

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