Road Trips {Ideas and Tips for Traveling with Kids}

It's that time of year when a lot of families start packing up the car and the kids and head out on a vacation. Well, not our family because we're about to welcome a new baby! But generally, we go on at least one trip with our extended family each year and it's always a good idea to have a game plan for keeping the kids busy (besides countless hours of movies!)
So, let me show you one book my friend put together for her son's road trip last year and at the bottom of the post I'm sharing a few great ideas I've found out there on the Internet.
A map of the United States

The kids can color the states they pass through on their way to their destination.

This is a daily activity log that includes the weather, favorite memory of the day and more. You can find the daily log printables and more here.

Kids can keep track of various license plates they spot along the way.

A little "I Spy" Game

A few worksheets to keep the brain sharp. :)

Drawing paper

An envelope to write a letter home to someone (don't forget to include the stamp!)

Like this idea? Then be sure to Click here for the downloads for this book from "Gluesticks". Want some more great road tip tips and ideas? Here are a few that have worked for us or ideas that I have found:

  • I always pack our own food for the car and for when we arrive at our destination, but here's a very helpful post from Katie at Kitchen Stewardship to give you some ideas on how to avoid the fast food trap and eat healthy while traveling. Plus, you'll save money doing so!
  • How about ways to keep your kids occupied? Click here!
  • Traveling with a Potty Trainer? Here's what we do!
  • And click here for just a few general tips.
Have any tips for traveling with children that you'd like to share? Leave a comment below!


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Mickie said...

Can you tell me where you found your daily log pages you show in the pictures? They are super cute!
Mickie said...

Here is one link:

I will check with my friend about any others because they were hers. :)

Mickie said...

Thanks so much!!

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