How to Help Your Child Get Ready for Daylight Savings Time

Picture Disclaimer: First, I asked my daughter permission to use this picture and it is very much out of character for her! :) Second, this wasn't a morning after Daylight Savings, but rather, the morning of April Fool's Day. She was rather unhappy, you might say, about the friendly, good-natured joke played on her. She can laugh about it now. :)

How to Help Your Child Get Ready for Daylight Savings Time

A friend gave me this idea a few years ago, but I have to admit, one of the first times we did it, we really messed our kids' internal clocks up. And I felt pretty dumb! The funny part is, my husband went right along with it not catching our mistake either until it was too late.

Here's what happened...

The idea is to gradually adjust your kids' internal clocks in preparation for the time change by adjusting their bedtime gradually in increments of 15 minutes. When our fiasco took place, I began putting the kids to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual for about 2 weeks. Then, the night came when we were to put our clocks forward one hour.

And then it hit me.

I had been putting them to bed earlier (we had worked our way up to one hour) when I should have been gradually letting them stay up an hour past their normal bedtime.

Are you kidding me???

Now the kids were going to have to adjust to a two hour time change! So much for being responsible.

In spite of our folly, usually about a week before the time change, either my husband or I are reminded that IT IS COMING AGAIN. (Can I hear an "Amen" from parents all over America who hate time change??)

And here we are, a little over a week before we Spring Forward (that means you're going to lose an hour of precious sleep--like I have any I can afford to give up these days...) Therefore, you will want to start putting your kids to bed a little earlier each night.

We only messed up one time change, so I can honestly say that all the rest have been a smooth transition for the kids once Daylight Savings Starts or Stops.

Now it's me that has the hard time, and not the kids, because I'm not quite so disciplined about adjusting my own bed time. I really should though this year because maybe, just maybe, I will be able to get the baby slightly adjusted as well?? Here's hoping!

And don't forget, if you have babies that you need to slightly alter their nap time as well.

So, it's up to you. You can either take the gradual adjustment approach or just deal with tired, crabby kids for a few days and get it over with that way. It's your call. Just don't make the same mistake I did. You WILL regret it!

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usbornetheresa said...

I also hate daylight savings time and I don't have any little ones.

Dr. Mom Online said...

Oh, my goodness! That photograph of precious Miss C just made me giggle! I can honestly say, in all the years I've known her, this might be the FIRST time I haven't seen a smile on her face! (And she's STILL adorable!!!) said...

Dr. C, when she gave me that look I was so shocked I just started laughing (and taking pictures!) I never thought she'd be that mad, but wowsers! :) It is the first and last time I have seen her like that. Maybe I shouldn't do any April Fool's Jokes this year. Nah, why pass up a good photo? :)

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