A Quick OIT Update

Thank you to all who prayed for our son's OIT appointment yesterday. He did great on the next up dose! This was the dose he did not pass last week at our initial appointment, but after a week of dosing at 205 micrograms, his body was ready to take on 410 micrograms.

Because dosing needs to be as close to 12 hours apart as possible, we were told to skip his evening dose and start up on our regular schedule this morning. I gave him his new dose at 7:30 this morning after first giving him a small bowl of applesauce. Applesauce (or even apples) help peanut protein, especially, to digest and it's important to never dose on an empty stomach.

We are thankful for the progress we are making and are hopeful that we will continue on this trend.

As long as our son is tolerating his doses we can go weekly for up dosing. These appointments aren't nearly as long as that first all day one. For these, he up doses upon arrival and then he is monitored for an hour. If all is well, we can go home. If he shows a reaction, then we can go home after an hour, but will have to continue for awhile longer on the previous level.

Our first level last week went great and it didn't interrupt our lives at all (minus our little guy having to be calm for 2 hours after dosing.) It is very important that you follow the "no exercise" rule for 2 hours after dosing to avoid complications. We had already scheduled a trip to the Creation Museum and our doctor put me at ease about the trip by saying it should be uneventful. And it was! The trip itself was lots of fun, but I'm happy to say we didn't have any excitement with peanut dosing! We were even able to dose in the car on the ride home.

Lord-willing I will have a positive update next week. Regardless of how things go, I plan to update as often as possible so you will have an accurate account of OIT. Thanks for your prayers!

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