How To Face the Demands Of Life

Proverbs 27 has three themes that run throughout the chapter. The first theme addresses the fool, the second addresses the lazy person and the third addresses our speech. I encourage you to read the entire chapter so you can get the full context of the verses.

Today, in preparation for our final chapter which is coming up in just a few short days, we are focusing specifically on one characteristic of the lazy person. This will better prepare us for our study in just five short days about the woman that chapter 31 addresses.

Here's what Proverbs 27 says about the lazy person:

"The lazy person is full of excuses, saying, 'I can't go outside because there might be a lion on the road! Yes, I'm sure there's a lion out there!'

While studying this verse, I read this commentary about it: "It is a foolish thing to frighten ourselves from real duties by fancied difficulties." source

And yet.

I know how challenging it can be to keep up with the demands of life.

The dishes are always spilling out of the sink and onto the counter like a volcanic eruption, the laundry pile grows and multiplies like weeds on Miracle Grow, the cupboards daily throw open their doors while the food flies out and beg to be filled again, the hungry bellies are constantly gnawing and it can about make a Wife and Momma want to hide under her covers from the roaring demands of life.

That's the kind of lion in the streets I'm talking about.

But the truth is, when I see the lion in the streets and not the Lion from the tribe of Judah, I will want to hide under the covers and not face the demands of another day.

I might attempt to escape my responsibilities through Pinterest or Facebook. Or perhaps, just a really good book. None of these activities are wrong per se, but when they get in the way of my duties, they need to be slain.

However, when I choose to draw my strength from God, I will be perfectly equipped to face the responsibilities of the day--that lion in the street, so to speak. And, I'll use my time wisely.

Laziness in the above verse may have nothing to do with whether or not I'm a hard worker. It may have everything to do with whether or not I am lazy about spending time in God's Word and prayer.

How often do I underequip myself for my day by not seeking God's help first thing upon waking?

If I'm not in His Word and I'm not praying, no wonder I feel like I can't do it. How dare I think I can be the wife and mother God has called me to be all on my own?

Sisters, we cannot be lazy and not spend time with God and His Word. If we choose to be a wife in our own strength, we will face burn out, anxiety, depression, fear, and so much more. 

Today's Challenge is This: Daily equip yourself with the strength and power of God by spending time in prayer and in His Word. You will have a renewed vigor for your calling as a wife.

Join me tomorrow as we study Proverbs chapter 27. Just getting started on the series? Catch up with all the posts on my landing page between now and October 31.

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Unknown said...

I have made it a priority as of late to read my Bible daily. I haven't seen any change in my marriage, but I have seen a big change in myself.

Anonymous said...

I just started reading God's Word right before going to sleep at night. I want my focus on Him as the last thing I do before falling asleep and though I haven't noticed much difference in my days, or sleep for that matter, I do feel drawn more to God and I'm happy with that! Great post! said...

Melissa, I'm so glad to hear you are spending time in God's Word. It's hard when we see areas others need to change in, but the best thing we can do in that situation is to keep growing in our walk with Christ. said...

It is a good thing to set Scripture in our hearts and minds before we go to sleep--even if it's just one verse before we lay our heads down on the pillow. It's better to have our minds meditating on that than the stresses of the day.

Reading a verse or two before bed is something I should be doing, too!

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