Stronger Marriage: Are We Building Our Homes or Tearing Them Down?

"A wise woman builds her house; a foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands." Proverbs 14:1

I have always enjoyed reading Matthew Henry's commentaries on passages of Scripture when I want to get a fresh take on a passage or when I need a deeper understanding of what is being said.
I decided to see what his thoughts were on this verse and I am glad I did. I liked what he said about this verse so I wanted to share it with you because there is such depth to what he writes.
"By a prudent wife, one that is pious, industrious, and considerate, the affairs of the family are made to prosper, debts are paid, portions raised, provision made, the children well educated and maintained, and the family has comfort within doors and credit without; thus is the house built. She looks upon it as her own to take care of, though she knows it is her husband’s to bear rule in."
"Many a family is brought to ruin by ill housewifery, as well as by ill husbandry. A foolish woman, that has no fear of God nor regard to her business, that is wilful, and wasteful...that indulges her ease and appetite, and is all for jaunting and feasting...[will] impoverish and waste it [her home], and will as certainly be the ruin of her house as if she plucked it down with her hands; and the husband himself, with all his care, can scarcely prevent it."

Those two paragraphs can both inspire and convict.

The first girl definitely has her A Game on.

She's a hard worker, considerate, makes sure her family is prospering, has no debts, makes sure her children are well educated, her family is comfortable within her home, she has a good reputation in the community and is an incredible manager of the home her husband has given her.

The second figuratively tears her home down one nail and board at a time until she's sitting in the rubble of her foolish decisions and has no home to turn to.

She has been brought to ruin because she had no regard for God or His ways, was stubborn, wasteful and made her comforts her first priority.

If we're honest, there are times we've probably lived in the shoes of both of these women. The question is though, which shoe fits?

If our character lines up more with the foolish woman, then we need to prayerfully consider the changes that God would have us to make.

If our character lines up more with the wise woman, then we need to bow our heads in prayer thanking the Lord for His grace and goodness in our life and ask for continued strength to keep on that path.

Today's Challenge is This: Evaluate where you are in life. Prayerfully ask God to show you what changes need to be made and for His help to make those changes.

He is able; therefore we are able. Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."

Join me tomorrow as we study Proverbs chapter 15. Just getting started on the series? Catch up with all the posts on my landing page between now and October 31.

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Jennifer Kostick said...

What a beautiful idea for a series. Great advice!

becky@purposefulhomemaking.com said...

Thank you Jennifer!

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