Stronger Marriage: Choosing Love and Patience

"Those who control their tongue will have a long life; a quick retort can ruin everything." Proverbs 13:3

While I feel that my husband and I have a good relationship, I know there are moments each day where, if I'm not careful, I can give a quick retort about something.

It doesn't have to be major. It could be something as simple as frustration over the trash not being taken out, the baby's teeth not brushed before bed, or something else that is bothering me.

Perhaps I haven't even communicated to my husband and feel that he should "just know" what I want him to do.

When my expectations aren't met, if I'm not careful, I can have an arsenal of quick retorts lined up, ready to launch so my husband knows just how irritated I am about something.

When the irritation finally flows out of my mouth, accompanied by sighs and gritted teeth, I instantly regret them.

Instead, I want to control my tongue and to be loving in my responses to my husband no matter what situations in my life make me feel like answering otherwise.

A quick retort can be devastating to my marriage relationship, but if I control my tongue, I will have a marriage that exemplifies vitality and happiness.

Today's Challenge is this: When we are tempted to answer our husband with irritation in our voice, let's choose love and patience instead.

Join me tomorrow as we study Proverbs chapter 14. Just getting started on the series? Catch up with all the posts on my landing page between now and October 31.

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Deb said...

I'm really enjoying these devotional and they have opened my eyes to the things I can so easily miss in my marriage. I can sometimes be too quick to respond or react when the word clearly tells us to be quick to listen and slow to speak. Im still learning to be a submissive wife and this are some very helpful word of encouragement. Plus we should always look to our Lord for wisdom and guidance.

P.s. My hubby likes these too! �� said...

Thank you Deb for letting me know that you and your husband are both enjoying the series. I'm so glad! I know these are all things I'll have to work on daily, but thankful for God pointing these out to me.


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