Why I Still Send Christmas Cards The Old Fashioned Way

With the onslaught of social media over the past couple of years, I wonder how many people still send out Christmas cards the old fashioned way through the postal system? Sometimes I wonder if I even need to send Christmas cards out anymore. It seems like most people would have already seen our "Christmas Picture" on Facebook so why bother going through the effort of sending them a card in the mail?

But, you know? There's something special about receiving a Christmas card in the mail. It lets you know that someone was thinking of you and it brings a little cheer when most of the time we just get junk mail or bills in the mailbox.

I sometimes lament the end of an era where we took the time to write, in our own handwriting, words to a dear friend. I know there is a stark contrast between receiving a handwritten letter and one just written over Facebook.

For example, last year, I received a several page letter from a friend who had moved out of state. I was as excited as a kid when I saw that letter in the mailbox and I read the letter at least a couple of times. There was something special about knowing I was holding a letter written in her handwriting.

Maybe not everyone is as sentimental as me, and that's okay. But each year, come the beginning of December, I enjoy getting Christmas cards with our family picture out in the mail.

Partly because it's just tradition.

I can still remember my mom going through her Christmas card book and making note of who to send Christmas cards to and updating addresses. It's just something I do each year and I think it would feel like something was missing if I didn't.

And believe it or not, I have friends who are not on social media (I envy them) and we want to keep up with each other through the years. My pathetic attempt at keeping up with them comes in the form of a yearly Christmas card.

And even if I've already seen your family picture on Facebook a dozen times, I still love getting your Christmas card in the mail. There is something much more memorable about holding a card and picture from a friend and admiring how her family has grown over the past year than it is just seeing it on Facebook.

And while I don't always take the time to write Christmas letters to go along with the cards, I always love getting those, too! I enjoy reading about what their family has been up to over the past year, new things they've done and seeing how God has worked in their life.

So, if you're like me, and want to do Christmas cards this year, I'd like to tell you about a new-to-me company called Minted. They have a wonderful, unique selection of Christmas cards that you can choose from.

This is not your typical selection of Christmas Greeting Cards. Each card is uniquely designed by an individual artist. I love that. Every card is the result of an ongoing design competition. Designers submit their design and the Minted community votes to tell them what to sell.  

Each Christmas card is fully customizable with your favorite family photo and personalized greeting, plus you can get free recipient address printing. If you order by December 8 you can enjoy 15% off on card orders $150+. (Use Code: JOY15) Or, receive 10% off orders $100+. (Use Code: JOY10)

So, if you're like me and still enjoy sending Christmas cards the old fashioned way, I encourage you to head over to Minted and pick yours out today.

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Unknown said...

Oh yes Becky! I DO still send out Christmas cards - I also TRY during the year to send birthday and anniversary cards, and when the occasion calls for it, get well and sympathy; also some thinking you and thank you cards. Now, I used to go to the stores AFTER Christmas and stock up on the discounted cards; but since I started card making...well, I TRY each year to design a card or two and make my own! Thanks for sharing the company Minted for purchasing cards - when I DO buy cards now, I try to do some unique, like when children design them for a cause. Thanks for sharing your "habit" or tradition of sending cards! said...

I'm sure everyone appreciates your cards Barbara--not only at Christmas, but all throughout the year! As adults, it's still nice to get a birthday card in the mail. :)

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