How We Treat Ear Infections without Antibiotics

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Ear infections were something that our boys struggled with a lot when they were younger. In fact, one of our boys got his first ear infection at 2 months of age and the pediatrician warned us then that children who start getting them that young often end up with tubes in their ears.

That was not what I wanted to hear and after our youngest continued to get repeated infections (and inevitably ending up on antibiotics each time) I began to look for some alternative methods for prevention and treatment.

Prevention and Treatment

For prevention and treatment, one route we chose to pursue was chiropractic care. (Here is a great article on this.)

Our chiropractor adjusting our youngest just days after birth

We have found chiropractic care to make a difference in our children's overall health, but sometimes illness still crops up and with small, horizontal eustachian tubes in children, ear infections are sometimes still present (although thankfully not nearly as often!).

If one of our children is struggling with an ear infection, I make sure to get them in to see one of our chiropractors (a wonderful husband and wife team). This seems to help relieve some of the muscle tension in the neck and allows the fluid to drain properly. I have seen one of our children crying and in pain from an ear infection, get adjusted, and then be much happier. It really is amazing!

I also find that it helps to treat the ear infection directly.

In the past, I tried numerous natural methods including garlic oil, sweet oil, onions, garlic and homeopathic ear drops.

But it wasn't until I tried hydrogen peroxide that I saw marked improvement when treating an ear infection.

In fact, since implementing hydrogen peroxide and chiropractic care for ear infections we have been antibiotic free in the treatment of them.

I keep a small eye dropper on hand at all times along with a bottle of peroxide. If a child wakes up in the night and is crying and seems distressed and inconsolable, I'll add a couple drops to each ear. (Whereas before, the first thing I did was make an appointment with the pediatrician or take them to Urgent Care because I hate seeing my kids suffer!)

Now instead of getting them on antibiotics, I start our hydrogen peroxide regimen and, if necessary, I also take them in for a chiropractic adjustment. I use the peroxide 3 times a day until symptoms start to subside and then I reduce the frequency to once or twice a day until all symptoms seem to be gone.

It has only taken a couple of days in the past to clear an ear infection up completely. (I'd also recommend that if you plan on flying anywhere with little ones that you pack an eye dropper and get some hydrogen peroxide upon arrival. It's a great preventative to ward off those pesky ear infections that sometimes develop for little ones after flying.)

What To Do

Have the child lay on his side. If you're dealing with an infant, nurse or cradle the child on one side while you add drops to the exposed ear. Let it foam for about 3-4 minutes (or as long as you can with a crying, writhing baby!). If you're dealing with a child who can communicate as to whether or not they still hear the foaming in their ear, encourage them to lay there until the foaming stops.

Sometimes, if there's an infection going on, it will foam and bubble right up to the edge of the ear hole.

Don't be alarmed if your child screams or throws a fit at first. It IS a very odd feeling but they will get used it and welcome it later on if they know it will help.

After waiting a few minutes for the bubbling to subside, place a Kleenex up to the ear to catch any remaining peroxide and have the child lay on the opposite side.

Repeat for the other side.

I always treat both ears, especially with little ones who can't verbalize which ear is hurting.

This method has worked successfully for us numerous times for all of our children over the last several years. I'm so thankful to have discovered it because it has saved us a lot of money in co-pays and most importantly has kept our children off of unnecessary antibiotics.

Update: we no longer regularly go to the chiropractor but peroxide has taken care of our children's ear infections for the past 10 years without antibiotics. 

**I am not a doctor nor a medical professional. This is our personal experience with treating ear infections. Please seek your own medical advice.

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Mariann said...

Hydrogen peroxide is how I was treated as a child by my mother. So I guess it is an old time remedy making a comeback.

Christy said...

We really like to use a combination of Melaleuca and Lavender essential oil. :) said...

Good to know, Christy. Thanks!

I guess so, Mariann! :)

Lana said...

This was a very insightful article. I just started thinking of seeking chiropratic care for myself and am excited to learn of one of the many ways they can help children. said...

I'm glad you found it helpful, Lana. Chiropractic care has definitely helped us out. Especially me because of my chronic back pain which is now gone, thankfully!

Anonymous said...

I use garlic oil! It's a natural antibiotic, it's cheap, and it works fast! Just a few drops in the affected ear 2-3 times per day will clear it right up.

Tannis said...

Well these methods sure sound a whole lot more appealing than antibiotics (and their side effects)! I had a double ear infection as an adult, and I've got to say, it hurts! I can totally understand why kids scream when they have one. said...

Tannis, Whenever I feel any kind of ear "congestion" I use it and it works great. The kids don't mind it a bit either! :)

GmaKim said...

Peroxide only cleans the ear canal. Ear infections are typically in the middle ear. If fluids flows out of the child's ear; the ear drum has burst so do not use peroxide then. The ear drum will heal. If a child has frequent ear infections, medical help is advise to prevent permanent damage and bring relief to child.

Unknown said...

We like using colloidal silver in the ear (natural antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal) and use rosemary and tea tree oils diluted around the outside of the ear and down the neck. I saw someone recommend putting essential oils IN the ear. I don't think that's safe to have sitting on your ear drum. Just my opinion, but we definitely use them around the outside. Hate routine use of antibiotics!!!!!

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