The Easiest Meal to Make When Dinner Hour Catches You Off Guard

Today I'm guest posting at My Joy-Filled Life and I'm sharing my favorite go-to meal when dinner hour catches me off guard. Here's a preview of my post:

Ever get that feeling around 4 or 5 in the afternoon when suddenly you realize you have nothing prepared for dinner? Even if you try to be organized by meal planning, sometimes you forget that the leftovers are gone or that the next several meals scheduled were for the slow cooker and now you have to quickly come up with a meal for your family.

Some days we just get caught off guard and other days we're scouring a nearly empty fridge trying to come up with a meal for our family. That's when we need a simple meal that tastes great.

When I'm caught off guard and need to come up with something I quick, I make what we like to call, UnBurgers.  

I almost always have the ingredients on hand for this meal which makes it easy to pull together in a pinch and when the kids find out that's what's for dinner they are thrilled.

UnBurgers are pretty simple really, but I think you'll love them. What I know you'll love even more is how quickly and effortlessly they come together while at the same time satisfying your family's hunger cry.

Join me at My Joy-Filled Life to check out this yummy recipe!

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