Star Unit

This post is archived, but I wanted it on my new blog. It's a great preschool/kindergarten unit.

This first idea is very simple....I used an ellison cutter (our public library has one) and did star cuts outs.  Then we thought of words that ended in "ar" like star does.

Next, we used glow in the dark star stickers to form the constellations for The Big Dipper and Hydra the Sea Serpent (which I knew nothing about prior to this project! However, apparently it's the constellation right below The Big Dipper.)

We also counted how many points a star has (5) and also how many sides it has (10). So, we put 5 stickers on each point to help remember that.

Below is a picture of the display for our star unit. For this unit (stars/camping) we used  Camping Day  and The Night Sky from Usborne Books. The Night Sky is definitely for older kids, but it was still a good reference book. In the picture you might be able to see that there's some little strings hanging down (off a skewer stick actually--just happened to be what I had!) and I put the sun and the planets on there in order in relation to the sun.  

Here's another idea. Take a paper towel tube and secure a piece of black construction paper over one end (with a rubber band). Then take a pin and poke the outline of a constellation on it. Look through it to see the constellation. It's pretty cool! :)


Shelly Marie said...

Such great ideas!! I never knew you had a blog!!! Welcome!!

Carter is such a cutie!!! =)

Becky said...

Thanks~ I started a couple weeks ago. i've been on yours a bit too but i'm still new to the whole blog thing so i can't even figure out how to be a follower on yours! i'll get it!

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