How to Eat Healthier on a Budget

I mentioned in one of my posts about Loss Leaders but I want to explain a little bit more about that. This is how our family has started eating healthier over the last couple of months. As I said before, Loss Leaders are the items on the front page (or two) of your store's circular they they use to lead you into the store. The store takes a loss on these items (hence the name Loss Leader). You are the savvy shopper though, so you will be able to frequent your store once a week to get these Loss Leaders without being led a stray  buying items you didn't intend to. =) (A good reason to make a list and stick to it!) Anyways, I try to only buy the produce that is featured as a loss leader. (Obviously, if I need a tomato for a recipe that week I'm not going to refrain from buying it just because it isn't a Loss Leader.). However, once you begin buying the bulk of your produce from this section of the circular you will begin to see significant savings in your grocery bill, plus you should be better able to provide fresh fruits/veggies for your family. Also, at least one of these items seem to be organic as well so that's great too!  Another bonus to shopping this way is it helps you be more varied in the produce you choose. It's easy to get stuck in a rut choosing only your favorite produce items week after week. However, if you stick to the ones on sale you will be varying the vitamins that you are giving to your family and hopefully choosing things you wouldn't normally me choosing an orange bell pepper simply because it was part of the 10 for 10, get the 11th item free. (I picked orange because I thought it was fun. Funny how picking that bell pepper makes me feel good about making healthy choices. It's the simple things...) The fact that I knew it was a Loss Leader gave me the courage to try that crazy old pepper for my family, and you know, it wasn't too bad! Not yummy like a Snickers bar (ha ha!) but at least it was good for us!

Maybe some day I'll post tips on shopping at the grocery store. Stores study how to best get you to buy their items. Why shouldn't we study how not to be derailed by their ploys. Here's one for starters though. DON'T talk on your cell phone while shopping! You will be distracted and will start picking up items without. even. realizing. it. That habit will surely blow your budget. Until then fellow penny pinchers!

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Maria said...

The orange & yellow peppers are actually my favorite. Yumminess is getting a garlic & herb marinade(Meijer brand, Aldi brand, Lawry's...doesn't matter), marinating some chicken for a few hours to overnight & making kabobs w/ onion, yellow/orange peppers & maybe some cherry tomatoes(if you feel like it). Brush the veggies w/ melted butter(or butter spray) before you grill. They're just good. :) And good for keeping your house cool on hot summer evenings.

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