Let's Talk Organic...Again

I just want to clarify that I do understand it is harder to choose organic on a limited budget. I can't always get organic fruits and veggies but when they are on sale I definitely do.

I figure if I make a bunch of little good choices here and there my family is better off than not making any good choices at all.

I just did my grocery shopping today and I'm sad to say that not much is left for the rest of the month (you know, for my goal of setting aside a little each week for fresh fruit/veggies). Ugh.

We had to make a Sam's trip this month which I'd been putting off since the month before last and unfortunately that usually is a big chunk of change. Granted, those items last a while, but still, it takes a big bite out of the monthly budget.

So, I need to do a total from the grocery receipts to see where we are at. I will be so sad if there's not much, if any, left over to go to the Farmer's Market next week! So, that said, I am limiting my organic choices to dairy/eggs and any other organic item that happens to have a sale on it, especially combined with a coupon.

For example, at Meijer this week you can get Cascadian Farm cereal for 2.49 but you can also use a coupon for a $1 off making it $1.49. Not an amazing price for a box of cereal but not bad considering I don't have to worry about added junk like High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Again, I know I can't completely eradicate this additive from our diet, but when I can, I will. So, in summary, organic items will be eggs, milk and anything else with a coupon/sale. 

To help save money you can also find a local farmer and purchase eggs there. That should be cheaper. The organic Eggland's Best eggs are 3.69 I think. I got them for 2.69 because my .50 coupon doubled. I found someone who will start having eggs available in the winter for $2-$2.50 a dozen (hopefully $2!!) so I plan to buy those.


jimanddana02 said...

My favorite deals this week were the $1 pineapple at Kroger and $1 red/orange/yellow peppers at Meijer - had to go back twice for those since they were totally out the first time I went! I need to get better about cereal - we eat a whole lot, but I always tend to get the nasty sugar cereal just b/c I can get them a whole lot cheaper! I need to be more concerned about what I give my boys - they DO NOT eat healthy! Maybe we could share some healthy recipes if we come across them!

Jaclyn said...

I have a tip for buying organic items for less... Check out the items that are near the 'sell by' date. Kroger seems to be a lot better about this than Meijer, and they have a lot more organic in the first place. If you know how quickly your family will go through something, you can decide whether it's worth buying. I've gotten Yo Baby organic yogurt and organic lettuce for 1/2 off this way. I always see milk marked down too... we just don't use it fast enough to buy it. Yogurt is usually good until 1 week past the use by date too, even the manufacturers say so. Anyway, I think it's worthwhile to pop into Kroger and check out their Nature's Market area for those types of deals. said...

Great idea Jackie. I don't know why I don't check that more often! Is it all in the organic section, just marked down? I've tried to get milk that way, but don't remember seeing much else...thanks for the idea!

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