Eat What's in Season

O.k. so my new (revived) goal is to do a Monthly Menu Plan. This month's was easy because I used a lot of ideas from Lindsay here.
One of the benefits of looking at my meal needs for the month is that I have an idea of what I need to buy for the whole month. I don't go out and buy it all at once but as I go through the weekly sales I can try to be buying the items I know I need/will need when they are on sale. Or, as in the case last night, I was at our local Farmer's Market and was happy to see I could buy organic/local kale, onion and potatoes all at a great deal. (for the Zuppa Tuscana soup I'm going to make). I had the soup on the list for the 4th week of the month but since I found the ingredients at a great price now I will just rearrange the monthly meal plan as needed. Doing a monthly meal plan is even better than a weekly one because since I know ahead of time what I need I can buy it at a better price. Also, it allows me to (hopefully) make one shopping trip per month to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods since they are not extremely local for me. 
I had slipped away from the meal planning but I plan to get back into it.

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