Williams Syndrome

A couple weeks back, my sister-in-law, Katie, wrote a post for Purposeful Homemaking celebrating the one year anniversary of my niece's heart surgery. If you read the post, you know that the heart issues that needed correction were the result of a rare genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome.

My sister-in-law let me know that TONIGHT, abc News will be doing a special on Williams Syndrome at 10 pm EST in case you're interested in learning more about this rare genetic disorder.

I got teary-eyed just reading the blurb and watching the video that features Williams Syndrome on abc New's page. Childen with Williams Syndrome have some really amazing characteristics.

For example, they are more empathetic than your typical child. They also do not judge others negatively based on what they look like or act like. They are friendly regardless of any imperfections you may have. They are also unbiased in regards to race.

While there are some concerns that accompany having a child without social inhibitions, I think it can be a great characteristic when supervised by a loving adult (which I know will be the case with my niece as she gets older).

I hope you get a chance to watch tonight's presentation!

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