Taking a Snooze!

I'll be taking a snooze from blogging for the next week. I just need a break as we are gearing up for our first week of school! (Hard to believe). Bur after that, I'll be back in the saddle and bringing you a book review. This one is from Apologia Press and is entitled How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. for Your Kids. It is a great book! The review will be posted August 29 so look for it then! :)

Until then, I'll be snoozing...:) (Well, only from blogging. The rest of life will go on!)

Caleb when he was itty bitty just born.


Jennifer said...

That picture (and baby) is beautiful.
Thanks for linking up with the blog hop! said...

Thank you! I do adore him! :)

And thank you for putting the blog hop together. :)

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