Sweet Blessings from the Weekend

Thanks to Ann Voskamp's book I'm re-reading, One Thousand Gifts, I'm remembering to open my eyes to the gifts that are all around me. They're there if we look for them. Here's a peek at some of mine from the weekend...

 This little man sits next to his Daddy at the dinner table and he can often be found putting his head towards Daddy for a little love...Thankfully I had my camera handy to capture the moment.

 I love sitting across from him so I can see him do great things like:
take a HUGE bite of biscuit, or...

 Celebrate good food!

 And I loved watching my kids make these sweet little gingerbread houses

And capturing Carlee and Caleb singing away at the piano

And hearing this little guy chatting with his dad in the kitchen as they worked on rolling out the sugar cookies for Momma to frost later with the kids.

I'm learning to take delight in the little things. How about you?


Large Family Small World said...

What sweet children. I love the little things, watching my kids interact together (sweetly), cuddling with my little ones and reading a book together. The kitten falling asleep on my sons pillow. The little things all add up to a big life!

Becky @ said...

Thank you!!

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