Creation Illustrated Review


What is Creation Illustrated?

Creation Illustrated is a wonderful, biblically-based Nature Journal that is published quarterly. The publishers of Creation Illustrated, Tom and Jennifer Ish, are a homeschooling family and have been sharing amazing photographs of God's creation with their readers for 19 years.

Tom and Jennifer began Creation Illustrated because of their desire to help bring a sense of calm to the lives of people by showing them photographs of the handiwork of our Creator.  


What We Thought

Our children and I enjoyed guessing what the picture was on the above cover. Can YOU guess what it is? We were surprised to discover that it was an ice ball on a blackberry stem. It seemed so incredible to us that it could have formed there, but it did!

You will find countless more pictures like this in each issue of Creation Illustrated. All of them showing us just a little bit more about the incredible world that God has created for us to enjoy!

Our children enjoyed each time that I sat down with them and looked through our magazines. It was so fun to hear our 2 1/2 year old exclaiming over the interesting birds that he saw in one issue.

Our 4 1/2 year old daughter is quite the reader and her eyes always seemed to be drawn to the Bible verse that was woven into each page of a particular story. She insisted on reading these and I was happy to have Scripture placed before her and tied to the subject at hand.

Our oldest, a brand new 7 year old, enjoyed looking through the pictures and showing me things he thought were interesting. And look what I walked in on last night...

I, too, found it relaxing and encouraging to look through Creation Illustrated. I was thankful that I needed to make time to sit down and review these. It was a good excuse to have some quiet time by myself. :)  I have always loved photography and although I don't get to travel much, it is nice to be able to see beautiful places that I probably wouldn't otherwise.

I also enjoyed the stories that I read and how they challenged me with the truth that was presented. 

Readers have called this magazine "the Christian answer to National Geographic because of the stunning color photography, outdoor adventures, animal features, etc."

The Bible tells us that "the heavens declare the glory of God." Nothing that man makes can compare to the beauty of the world that God has made. With each keepsake issue, you will be presented with the beauty of the Lord displayed in His Creation. It's a wonderful thing to expose our families to.

Within each issue, there are advertisements, but not an overwhelming amount and they are relevant to the home, education or family. You will also sometimes find recipes and the Instructional Guide in the back of each issue connects activities to the stories throughout that issue.

Additional Information

Creation Illustrated offers you the chance to try an introductory issue for free. Simply click on this link. Subscriptions are $19.95/year and you can sign up here. Creation Illustrated is a private, nonprofit and non-denominational Nature Journal.


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