Rejected: A Four Week Mini Bible Study

I so thankful for my current sponsor, Heather Bixler, for her support and encouragment to me. And I'm thankful for the opportunity to review one of her newest devotionals and to share my findings with you all!

This is my third devotional that I have read from Heather and I am always blessed by the truth she shares from God's Word as well as the openess of her own struggles.

As I shared recently in another post, when a writer is humble and open about their own struggles it gives courage to the reader to be open about their struggles as well.


Heather shares in her newest devotional, Rejected, "I write to the broken because I am broken...This Bible Study is not coming from a writer who has mastered the desire to be accepted, or overcome her fear of rejection. This study comes from a broken person who has been rejected throughout her life and is seeking God to find healing."

This four week mini Bible study has 4 chapters that each include Life Application questions. It is a very manageable study for personal or small group use.

What I Learned

Here are a couple of my favorite thoughts that I drew from each chapter. Of course you'll have to read the whole devotional to find the rest! :)

Chapter 1: Rejection is a Lie

"So many years of believing that what I did made me good enough has held me back from the life God has planned for me...When we seek acceptance from others we often put on the actions we must take and the hoops we must jump through in order to please them. But perfection doesn't mean you are good enough. The pursuit of perfection means you are insecure in who you are and what you are capable of doing. Perfection is pride."

Chapter 2: When Rejection is OK

"Often rejection is a result of pride. We may reject someone because we think we are better than them, or we may reject someone because we are angry at them. The difference between healthy boundaries and rejection is the condition of our heart and why we are placing space between us and the other person."

Chapter 3: Acceptance

"...we need to learn to accept our self first....when we learn to accept our self we do so without knowing the full story, and we do so knowing that we are accepted by God, flaws and all. Then we can walk this life with confidence based out of a trust in God and His promises."

Chapter 4: Will God Reject Me?

"If we are going to love and accept God we are going to have to learn to take risks, walk in Faith, and seek His truth in everything, whether we like the answer or not. We need to let go of our idols."

As you can see, there a lot of great things coming from this devotional. I believe it is a result of Heather's humility and her desire to encourage others with what she has learned.

I encourage you to read Rejected, as well as Heather's other devotionals which are available on Amazon for only .99 each!

*This post does contain affiliate links to my store. However, I wrote out all my thoughts about this devotional before I realized it could be in my store so my thoughts were definitely unbiased. :) I did receive a copy of Rejected in exchange for an honest review.

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