Recap of Our Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day 2013

The kids are ready to party!

We had such a wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday and this was just one of our hi-lites...enjoying a fantastic party put on by my sweet friend.

We took over a few of our Valentines for her kids which included this one below.

(It's a box of crayons with this message on the front)

We ran out of time to make these bookmarks but my kids enjoyed making them later on at home. Inspiration found here.

Adorable Valentine Robot chairbackers for each child to hold their Valentines in.
And of course we made sure the food all reflected the theme as well with heart shape everything!
 Cucumbers with hearts cut out from a cookie cutter

 Cupid Hearts (Watermelon)

 Some of the goodies to eat

Ice cream station! (Two-thirds of my kids don't tolerate dairy so she made awesome coconut ice cream from coconut cream and maple syrup. Yummo!!!)

The kids assembling their heart shaped Legos

 What a girl! Look at the heart shaped homemade pizzas! (Yes, some without cheese!)

Each child used a Vintage styled plate (Love these!)
 Marshmallow Pops (Yep, she's amazing!)

The adorable table for the kiddos!
God blessed our day in more ways than one for Valentine's Day 2013 but He sure used this party as one way to bless us. The kids had such a great time! Thanks, my friend!
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Beth R said...

I love this! Definitely making some great memories for you and your kiddos

Rachel said...

How cute! I love the bookmarks!

Grammy De Luca said...

I was the Blessed Grammy that was able to see these beautiful children celebrate Valentine's Day together. And they have the most precious Mother's who spent a lot of time presenting them so many Gifts of Love. Somehow, I wish I could be a little kid again, and have so much fun! grammy de luca

Unknown said...

I love the watermelon heartbreakers! said...

And we had such a fun time with you Grammy DeLuca! :)

Lianne said...

This is so adorable! I love the heart shaped watermelon pops. :) I came here from this giveaway post!

caedmen said...

coconut ice cream! That sounds awesome! Looks like a fun party.

Michelle Pickett said...

Oh I love the watermelons and cucumbers with hearts! I always try to have healthy food at holiday parties cuz theres so much junk out there.

Tara said...

love the paint chip bookmarks
taraz9 at excite dot com

One Southern Girl said...

Bookmarking to save for next Valentine's Day!

I love coconut ice cream. I have a dairy allergy, so whenever I can I like to mix up a batch. Haven't tried it with maple syrup though...

Unknown said...

I love the Color your <3 out valentine! What a creative idea!!

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