OIT Update

For any of you following along on our OIT journey, we had another up dose this morning. Everything went great! Our son moved up to the next level of dosing solution which means we are now on Solution D.

The above picture is what the solution comes in each week.  (The label got a bit messed up from our recent road trip.) I hung on to this bottle until today even though it was for two doses ago. I like to keep a back up on hand just in case our precious bottle were to get spilled or broken. But since we moved to the next level today and got a new bottle, I'm happy to say this one is ready to be tossed into the recycle bin!

Starting tomorrow, our son will take 1025 micrograms of peanut protein twice a day. (On up dose days we have to skip the evening dose because we need to stick to the 12 hour apart rule and the one hour before bed time rule.) We're getting there; slowly but surely! :)

The very first dose is 1.025 mcg and to graduate from the program you need to pass the 24 peanut challenge in the office. As you can see, we'll be visiting the allergy doctor for quite a while. :)

At our appointment this morning, it was nice to meet another mom and her little boy. Her son is almost exactly the same age as our son and also just started OIT in April, so we are at about the same stage right now. The moms in my Facebook group have been a tremendous encouragement to me simply by reading their success stories.

It's amazing to meet different moms and hear how far they will travel to see our doctor for their child. I have talked with a mom who flies in bi-weekly from out of state and have met two other moms that drive a little over 2 hours round trip and another who drives 6 hours round trip!

OIT is a commitment not only in time and travel, but you need to stick with the three main rules. They are completely reasonable and are necessary to follow. You must stick to the correct dosing time, you are not to elevate your heart rate for 2 hours after dosing and you cannot sleep for one hour after dosing.

I find all of these doable, especially considering what our end goal is.

To think that our son will not have to worry about cross-contamination, and will actually be able to eat peanuts and peanut products is incredible to me. Lord-willing, we'll be at that stage in 7 months or so!

God's peace has been incredible through this process. The morning of our first all day appointment I woke up without any fear at all and was actually excited about the process. That is huge for me because it is easy for me to have fear and anxiety, but God's grace and the prayers of others carried me through that day.

One tired boy! He fell asleep on our ride home after his first all day dosing

Usually the night before, or the morning of our next up dose, I feel a little fear creep in wondering whether or not he'll be able to handle the up dose and if this will be when we start to see more symptoms of his body struggling to adjust.

But I know that God is with us and that we have the best doctor available. I'm still in shock that he is relatively close to us and that we don't have to drive for hours on end to see him (or fly out of state!).

I hope that sharing our journey with OIT will help give you the courage to pursue it if necessary.

Want to learn more about our journey with OIT? Here's the beginning of the story.

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Daria said...

Hi there! My daughter is starting Peanut OIT a week from today. You mentioned a FB group that is a support group. Would you mind sharing? I'd love to connect with other moms going through this! Thanks!!

becky@purposefulhomemaking.com said...

Hi Jillian, So excited for your daughter to start OIT. There are two different FB groups. One is mostly for those seeing our doctor or who are considering seeing him. The other one is more of a nation wide support. That one is called Private Practice OIT. If you are seeing Dr. Mayer let me know and I'll add your name to the group. :) You are always welcome to send me an email too. It's so helpful to go through this with other moms who "get it". Hugs and prayers as you start this journey!!


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