An Interview with Kara Killmer from Beyond the Mask

Our family can't wait for the release of Beyond the Mask in theaters next month. We have already secured our ticket reservations and will be watching this action packed Christian adventure film in a theater near us. If you, too, want to experience this movie in a theater while at the same time voting for family friendly films with your dollar, then be sure to secure your tickets here.

But just to help get you a little more excited about the film, I thought it'd be fun to put together a little interview with Kara Killmer, the lead female actress in Beyond the Mask.

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Kara plays the role of Charlotte in this film and did an amazing job. Enjoy the sneak peek into Kara's thoughts about working in Beyond the Mask.

What appealed to you about acting in Beyond the Mask?
I loved the story. There is something for everyone in the script; romance, action, being transported to a significant time in history, there’s even a little sword fighting.  I thought the message was meaningful and the journey for each character was powerful and exciting.
What message do you want people to take home from this movie?
The message in this film is to find your identity in Christ. We have created so many ways to cope with circumstances and redefine ourselves to accommodate a false sense of fitting in, especially in American culture. This film is a fun and thoughtful way of revealing our affinity towards waywardness and autonomy. We see that in the end, sanctification through Jesus Christ is the only way to be transformed, not by the work of our own hands or of our own understanding.

What was your favorite part of filming in Beyond the Mask?
I love getting to build relationships with people on and off set. I was so blessed to get to know all of the wonderful men and women AND children who worked to make this movie great. Nothing fires me up more than working together as a team to create art. There’s something about it that reflects the Holy Spirit and His ability and delight to create.

What was your favorite scene to shoot and why?
My favorite scene to shoot was also my least favorite scene.  Andrew and I were asked last minute if we’d be willing to dive into the pond with a running start down the peer to get this one shot of us going into the water. I did not know how to dive, so Andrew had to teach me right before we started shooting. It turned out looking amazing, but the water was FREEZING!!!
Did you enjoy working in a historical period film?
My dream role since I was in high school was Elizabeth Swan in Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe that’s cheesy to admit, but I was enamored with the idea of the dresses, the action, the adventure…so this film was a perfect match for me. I can’t believe the first film I worked on was really a dream role.
How is working on a Christian film different from other films?
The demanding schedules, early mornings, lack of sleep, and layers of make up and hairspray are the same.  Christian film sets are different in that there is a security in being able to trust that the base line of accountability belongs to God. There’s still the pressure to appeal to a wide audience and make money, but you hope that the way we go about acquiring those things will be with integrity in line with Scripture.
What led you into the movie business?
I’ve been involved in performance art since I was a child. My mom was an elementary music teacher so she always encouraged my siblings and I to embrace the arts. I caught the bug as an eight year old in my local theatre’s production of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Ever since then I’ve enjoyed the craftsmanship of story telling.
Thanks, Kara, for taking the time to share with us about our experience with Beyond the Mask!
If you want to learn more about this film, I encourage you to listen to Aaron Burns (Producer) and his cousin, Chad Burns, (Director) talk more about this amazing film in their radio interview with Adam McManus from They are guys in demand these days since the next two weeks have them busy with interviews in Nashville and also with Focus on the Family. Please pray for them as they continue to get the word out about this film.

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