The Oil Cleansing Method for Acne

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I hate to admit it, but I've had problematic skin for all of my adult life. In fact, my skin got worse in my 20's and 30's than it ever did in my teenage years. What's up with that?

I've tried so many different things for my skin and none of them ever truly resolved my blemish prone tendencies. Not to mention, some of them also created other issues like dry skin and wrinkles in addition to not dealing with my acne.

To be honest, acne is not something I really like to talk about because while there are waaaaayyyy bigger things in life, having acne is painful and quite frankly, embarrassing.

At 35 years old I finally asked the Lord to please help me find a way to not have acne anymore because I was tired of the embarrassment, pain and marks it was leaving. It's not really flattering to be a mom in her mid-30's walking around with four kids and still dealing with acne like a hormonal teenager.

I am completely grateful that not long after praying about my acne situation, I met for coffee with a sweet friend from church. Of course I was super embarrassed to even show up because I had a major flare up on my face and it wasn't pretty. I had done the whole talking to myself about maybe she won't notice, what matters is what's on the inside, etc., etc. but to be honest, it was such a mess I just flat out made a comment about it right after we sat down. In my mind, that way it was out in the open that yes, I was fully aware of the mess on my face and there was nothing I could do about it.

She then told me about a new facial routine she had just read about for her daughter who was also struggling with this issue and said that her daughter had already had improvement. She offered to bring a bottle of the oil mixture to church with her so I could try it out. Since nothing else I had ever tried worked, why not use something crazy like oil to clean my skin, right??

Just so I could read more about it, she sent me the link that she found on Mommypatomus for the oil cleansing recipe. This particular post was written by a guest writer who shared her story about dealing with acne and her success in healing it with the Oil Cleansing Method. Plus, she included this super helpful video just to make sure you really understood the routine. (Not that it's hard, but who doesn't love a good little video to help you really get the jist of things?)

In her post, she also shares several recipes depending on what type of skin you have. But honestly, no matter what kind of skin you have, I think the Oil Cleansing Method is the way to go! It's like a daily spa experience for your face and not only has my acne cleared up, my skin is more smooth and younger looking than it has been in years. My only regret about the Oil Cleansing Method is that I didn't know about it years ago!

The benefits of the oils in the various recipes are amazing and so good for your skin. If you deal with eczema, acne, rosacea or simply want a healthy skin care routine, definitely give the OCM a try! You can check out more recipes here, but the one I use for acne prone skin is as follows:

1 part Borage Seed Oil
2 parts Grapeseed Oil
1 part Hazelnut Oil
1 part Hemp Seed Oil

Combine the oils in a dark glass bottle and store in the fridge.

And by the way, this stuff lasts forever! I started using mine at the beginning of March and 3 months later, I still have this much left...

I only use enough oil to equal about the size of a penny and for now only use it in the evening before bed. That seems to work sufficiently for me, although I wouldn't be opposed to doing it twice a day except for the little fact that some of these oils need to be kept in the fridge. I'm usually in such a hurry to get ready in the morning that I forget to grab it from the fridge before I hop in the shower. But I bet the hot steam from the shower would only enhance the results. Maybe I'll have to start making it more of a priority. ;)

I've also noticed that the scarring I had from acne has dissipated as well. In fact, just this past week I realized that I no longer needed to use concealer on the two main areas that had scarring. Overall, using this method has cleared up my acne, greatly reduced the visibility of my wrinkles (except the ones on my forehead--those are going to take some time!) and evened out my skin tone. I could not be happier with the results!

While there will be an initial investment in these oils, I can see my stash lasting for several years and in the mean time, I'll be looking younger and younger. You probably won't even recognize me 5 years from now.  ;)

Update: About 6 months after I started the OCM a few friends told me about Juice Plus+. After taking the raw fruit and vegetable capsules for 6 months my acne cleared up for GOOD from the inside out! I'm SO grateful that by simply flooding my body with the nutrition from 30+ fruits and vegetables my body healed and my acne went away. In the past year or so I also added a plant based Omega to my daily routine and the benefits of that are showing up in numerous ways--some of which are my hair and skin. While I think the OCM is great, it's so nice to not have to use it anymore.

Have you ever tried the Oil Cleansing Method? 

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Unknown said...

I can completely relate, I get cystic acne flare ups and they are the worst. But finally after much prayer and experimentation they seem to be getting better. Or maybe I'm just older. For me activated charcoal scrubs, a rotating facial brush, reducing dairy, and ponds cold cream seem to have finally gotten things under control. For the better part of the last 10 years I've been waging war against my skin.

becky@purposefulhomemaking.com said...

K.M. I'm so glad you found a solution as well. Acne (at any age!) is no fun!!! I haven't heard of using the activated charcoal scrubs. Do you use it like a mask?

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