Math-U-See Zeta Level Review

This past school year was our first time to use Math-U-See and I'm relieved to say that, in spite of my nervousness about switching to a different math program, this style was exactly what I was looking for. Last year we used the Epsilon level and I liked that it was hands-on, included a lot of review throughout the year and best of all, came with a DVD that taught the lessons by an experienced math teacher.
We liked the program so much that we are continuing on with Math-U-See and starting the Zeta level this fall. This level includes decimals, percentages and other math concepts. If you are new to Math-U-See, you will need the Universal Set which includes everything you need for the year: Instruction Manual with complete solutions, Instruction DVD, Student Workbook, Tests booklet, Integer Block Kit, Algebra/Decimal Inserts, plus you'll also receive 12 months of access to the Zeta Digital Pack. (See picture below)

Why I Like Math-U-See

Math-U-See Teaches for Understanding

Steve Demme, the creator and teacher behind Math-U-See, teaches the concepts thoroughly. He believes in teaching for more than just memorization and wants his students to understand when and why we use certain math principles. After we started using this program, I decided to ask my friend what her thoughts were about Math-U-See because she has a PhD in math, has taught on the college level and has helped write math curriculum. Hearing an accomplished person's opinion about math meant a lot to me and I was thrilled to find out that Math-U-See was the program she chose for her own young children. Hearing that solidified even further for me that not only does the program work well for us, but it also has the stamp of approval from someone who knows what they're talking about when it comes to math. 

I NEED A Math Program That Comes with a DVD

The higher we get in math, the less capable I feel to teach it. We're not ready yet to join any homeschool groups in our area so I wanted a math program that had an excellent teaching DVD. And that's exactly what Math-U-See offers.

This past year, my 5th grader watched his math lessons on his own and then started working in his workbook. This not only freed up time for me to work with our other children, but it reassured me that he was being taught the concepts properly and by someone who is better equipped in this area than I am. If he ever needed help understanding a new concept he was able to re-watch that particular lesson.

Math-U-See is a Complete K-12 Math Program 

Since Math-U-See was a great fit for us, I'm relieved to know that, Lord-willing, we should be able to stick with it for as long as necessary. While I'm open to switching things up in other subjects, I definitely prefer consistency in a math program.

If you're new to Math-U-See, here's a quick run-down of how it works.

The Teacher's guide is complete with answers and solutions to each problem for the practice pages, systematic review pages, application and enrichment pages and test booklet. The student's book includes all of those pages with the exception of the test pages as they are sold separately.

Math-U-See comes with 30 lessons. A typical school year is approximately 36 weeks long, but if you use the practice pages, review pages, application and enrichment pages and test pages, it is going to take you a full year to complete. This means that one lesson will take you longer than one week to complete if you follow the company's recommended schedule.

Our Math-U-See lessons go like this:

Our son watches a lesson on the video. When the lesson is completed, he then works on one lesson practice page in his workbook. When that is completed, ideally I check his work with my teacher's manual before he moves on. There are three practice pages per lesson but if he did well on the first practice page it is not necessary for him to complete any others. This was the format that was recommended to me by Math-U-See and it worked well for us. However, if you decide that your student needs more work on the new concept then there are sufficient practice pages to make sure everything is understood.

Next comes the systematic review pages. There are three of these also and it is strongly suggested that the student complete all three. We do. ;)

After that there is the front and back of an application and enrichment page and I have my son complete that as well. I go through and check all of his work and go over problems with him that need more attention. He enjoyed these pages the most.

Once that is all done, he completes a test. If he has tested well, we start the process all over again with the next lesson.

Honestly, this is such a good fit for us and I couldn't be happier. 

If you're interested in choosing Math-U-See, I encourage you to check out the website. On-line testing is available to find the best level for your child. We did this and it was a short test that covered the basic concepts that our son needed to have mastered in order to determine which level best suited him. 

Below is a video demonstration of Math-U-See's Zeta Level:

About Math-U-See

Having received numerous awards, Math-U-See is a competitive, all-inclusive math program created by Steve Demme.  Steve has taught math on numerous levels, tutored and is the father of four adult children. His curriculum is available for Kindergarten through Twelfth Grades. Steve's passion for helping students understand difficult math concepts led him to him create Math-U-See over 20 years ago and his unique integration of manipulatives has allowed him to help others to master math concepts. 

If you have any questions, I have found the Math-U-See team to be very helpful. Thanks for reading!

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